Palm To Debut Palm Pixie This Week?

According to Tech Crunch, a source close to the company expects Palm to introduce the second webOS device codenamed the Palm Pixie, also known as the Palm Eos. Rumors had the Palm Eos being available for the holidays, but to date there has been no official word from Palm.


The Palm Eos/Pixie will of course run webOS and has been rumored at a price point of $99. Most expect it will debut on AT&T’s network and possibly Sprint. Earlier this summer, the Palm Pixie also showed up on AT&T’s roadmap.

The timing is rather curious given tomorrow’s Apple event and Thursday’s Motorola event. Perhaps Palm is once again looking to steal some thunder from their competitors. The flip side of course is the potential to get lost in the mix as a large number of tech journalists are on the left coast. We’ll be in NYC on Thursday to meet with Palm, so we’ll provide all the information that we can on the new device.

via TechCrunch

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