Palm To Offer Early Access to Future webOS Updates

Palm has been releasing regular updates to webOS and at times this can cause compatibility issues with apps. This of course sends developers scrambling to update their application to a version that’s compatible with the latest build of webOS. To make the process smoother, both for developers and end users, Palm is looking to offer developer’s access to early builds of webOS updates, before they are released to the public.

Developers interested should contact Palm’s Developer Community Manager, Chuq von Rospach. Also of note in this post is the removal of download numbers to end users. Von Rospach points to Preware and homebrew to re-enable this feature.

Palm must be very selective when choosing who gets early builds orĀ  they will end up like a similar situation as RIM, whose various unreleased BlackBerry OS builds can be found floating on RapidShare and other services.

[vai PreCentral]

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