Palm To Preview webOS 1.3.5 at CES

In last night’s earnings call, Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein talked about plans for CES. Most notably, a preview of webOS 1.3.5. According to Rubinstein, webOS 1.3.5 would including the following:

  • Improved battery life
  • Better overall device and WiFi performance
  • Removal of the app download storage limit
  • Speed boost for Pixi users

The removal of the app storage limit is long overdue and nothing jumps out at us…yet.

[via PalmInfoCenter]


  1. well that’s lame. 1.3.5 isn’t anything special, CES should give us WebOS 2.0 sneak peak or something. though, something tells me they aren’t ready for that.

  2. Sounds great but I wish something would come sooner than that. Functionality seems to have regressed a little since last update. But I’m a Palm trooper, so I’ll be waiting (Still) like everyone else.

  3. At CES show? Like in January? Why are things taking so long between updates. I wouldn’t mind if Palm had put out a nearly finished product and were just making tweaks, but although I’m loving the UI, the Pre is far from a loaded smart phone. This is so annoying that they rushed to get it out and are now at a snail’s pace at making necessary upgrades. I’m a devoted Palm user for a gazillion years, but I don’t feel like they lived up to the usual Palm standards this time. New and inventive, yes. Optimal productivity and jam-packed, NO!

  4. kevin coady says:

    when the **** will paid apps be available in europe.

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