Palm Treo 650 With Wireless E-Mail In Mexico

Palm Treo With Wireless E-Mail In Mexico

October 3, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

The Palm Treo 650 smartphone with Intellisync Wireless Email from Nokia is now available for corporate users in Mexico. The Intellisync behind-the-firewall solution, available from Telcel, offers corporate customers the ability to access and manage their corporate email from their Treo 650 smartphones, greatly enhancing their productivity and access to work-related documents and directories.

Palm, a leader in mobile computing, and Nokia, a wireless industry leader and provider of the Intellisync range of software solutions, are working together to coordinate an outreach and educational program for all businesses and individual consumers using a Palm Treo 650 smartphone in Mexico. To support this campaign, both companies will sponsor educational workshops for business enterprises throughout the country. Treo 650 customers using Telcel’s Mobile Office will have the option of integrating their corporate email accounts and their personal POP3- or IMAP-based email accounts.

“As one of the leading platform-independent wireless email messaging solutions, Intellisync Wireless Email from Nokia provides a powerful, secure and reliable wireless email for Palm Treo smartphones,” said Jose Ignacio Gallego, country manager of Palm Mexico. “This announcement will help our user base in Mexico take full advantage of the Treo 650’s tremendous capabilities as a virtual extension of their office. Intellisync standards-based wireless email from Nokia works seamlessly with our intuitive Treo interface, maximizing the value of Palm’s award-winning smartphones.”

“This type of collaboration with Nokia is a great proof point that we are committed to the platform independent approach when delivering mobile software,” said Clyde Foster, vice president, global software sales for Enterprise Solutions at Nokia. “In addition, this is a huge step forward in expanding the services that are available on the Treo 650 smartphone in Mexico, delivering valuable business-class services to a large number of people who use this powerful smartphone.”

The Intellisync behind-the-firewall solution joins to the range of Telcel’s Mobile Office productivity tools. In order to contract the service, it is necessary to consult a Telcel’s sales executive. Companies that are interested in the service will have to take into account the technical adjustments in their servers as well as the payment of licenses.

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