Palm Treo 700

Palm Treo 700

The Palm Treo 700 is the latest smartphone from Palm. However, there are two versions of the Palm Treo 700 and thus creates a choice for consumers looking for a new Treo. You can select between the following:

  • Palm Treo 700p: This phone is the follow up to the popular Treo 650. It is based on the Palm OS operating system.
  • Palm Treo 700w: Release in January of 2006, the 700w is the first Treo smartphone to run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5 operating system.

Deciding between these two smartphones can be a difficult decision, so we’ve put together a quick list to highlight differences between the two.

Palm Treo 700p vs Palm Treo 700w

The biggest difference between these two smartphones is the operating system. The Palm Treo 700p runs the Palm OS. If you previously owned a Palm Zire, Handspring Visor or other Palm OS based PDA, then making the transition to the Palm Treo 700p will be seamless. It’s counterpart, the 700w, is based upon Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5 operating system. If you are familiar with Windows XP, then you’ll be comfortable with Windows Mobile 5. The familiar “Start” menu and other aspects of the desktop PC operating system are features in the 700w.

The physical size of the 700p and 700w are identical. They are in effect the same phone. They share the same processor, keyboard, buttons and dimensions. The Palm OS based 700p has different mapping of the buttons. The call/answer, hang-up buttons are menu buttons on the 700w. There is also an applications button on the 700p. From a hardware perspective, the biggest difference between the two is the screen. The Palm Treo 700p uses a high-resolution 320×320 screen versus a 240×240 “square” resolution screen of the Palm Treo 700w.

Palm Treo 700 Accessory

In making the phones similar, Palm has also made it easier for those looking for a treo accessory. Both phones share the same sync cable, power adapter and use the same Treo cases. In addition, you should expect similar results when selecting a compatible Bluetooth headset. The Palm Treo 700w does support the use of WiFi through the use of a secure digital expansion card. The Palm Treo 700p does not support WiFi.

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