Palm Treo Smartphone Cast In A Good Year

Palm Treo Smartphone Cast In ‘A Good Year’

November 10, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Palm announced the Palm Treo smartphone is featured as the technology star in the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox film “A Good Year,” starring Russell Crowe, directed by Ridley Scott.

Russell Crowe with Treo

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The Treo smartphone makes its presence known with its signature ring tone and unique messaging and multimedia capabilities that compelled filmmakers to choose it over a separate cell phone, laptop and digital camera. The film premieres nationwide on Nov. 10.

Oscar-winner Russell Crowe reunites with “Gladiator” director Ridley Scott in “A Good Year,” a Fox 2000 Pictures presentation of a Scott Free production. London-based investment expert Max Skinner (Crowe) moves to Provence to sell a small vineyard he has inherited from his late uncle. Max reluctantly settles into what ultimately becomes an intoxicating new chapter in his life, as he comes to realize that life is meant to be savored.

“The Palm Treo smartphone was chosen for its good looks and more. It brings deep communications capabilities, a passion for multimedia and a wide range of applications that would allow Max to do everything from manage his business to choose a great wine,” said John Hartnett, senior vice president, global markets, Palm, Inc. “Were delighted to see a director of Ridley Scotts caliber recognize the Treo smartphone for its talents as a multifaceted technology star.”

The Treo smartphone has been busy this year on the small screen as well, having made television appearances this season on “Studio 60,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “CSI: NY,” “ER,” “CSI: Miami,” “The Nine,” “Ugly Betty,” and “Boston Legal,” among others. Because the range of roles the Treo smartphone can play is so broad and deep, Treos “agent” Palm does not need to pay for these supporting roles. Rather, Treos commitment to the craft of acting and myriad capabilities relevant on just about any set has earned it organic, integrated roles that add to the characters lives it supports.

In addition to Treos red-carpet-filled Hollywood life, Treo can be found around the world as a regular in scenes ranging from boardrooms to doctors examining rooms to the hands of employees in the field. With more than 30,000 applications available, ranging from complex inventory management to carb-counting diet applications, and a no-compromise approach to design and functionality, the Treo and its ease of use continue to set the gold standard for the industry.

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