Palm Treo

Palm Treo

The Palm Treo is the one device you need to always stay connected. With a Palm Treo, you’ll have complete control of your contacts, appointments and more. It runs the Palm
OS operating system allowing you to run thousands of software applications. With it’s wireless capability,
the Palm Treo allows you to:

  • Check email with the included email client, VersaMail
  • Browse the web using the built-in web browser,Blazer
  • Send SMS messages

The capabilities are endless. Waiting for a flight, use the Palm Treo to check your stock portfolio get scores from the big game. With MobiTV and the Treo 650, you can even watch live streaming television.

The Palm Treo is much more than an organizer. The Treo 650 comes with standard with a mobile version of Real Player making it easy to turn your smartphone into a robust MP3 player. With accessories, you can connect your Palm Treo to your car stereo. Using a Bluetooth GPS receiver and TomTom software, the Palm Treo turns into portable GPS system. Whether you are travelling by car or foot, you’ll never get lost again.

The capabilities and endless expansion potential puts the Palm Treo in a class by itself. To learn more
about the Treo family of smartphones, join our Treo discussion forum.

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