PDK Hot apps begins July 15th – but where is webOS 1.4.5?

With the impending PDK (Plugin Development Kit) Hot Apps Program almost ready to roll in a couple of days, and what with the program already being pushed back from originally pinned date of July 1st, you’re certainly left wondering where the latest webOS firmware update is that was supposed to hit all Palm Pre’s and Pixi’s via an OTA update well over a week ago.  For those not in the know, the 1.4.5 update is to bring PDK gaming to the Pixi and also finally allow independent developers to get their mitts on the SDK/PDK.

However, following the roll-out of 1.4.5 in some parts of Europe, a bug was discovered, in that the PDK wasn’t properly ‘jailing’ the applications. Basically ‘jailing’ the applications is an essential and deliberate measure to protect the whole OS’s security over the apps having control of certain unauthorised parts of the OS. (If you’re interested to read more about this bug then follow the geek trail over to this thread on the Palm Developer Forums).  Of course, what seems have happened is Palm pulled the plug on the OTA update and have been busy squirrelling away fixing it.  But what with the PDK Hot Apps program kicking off so soon, I think we’ll certainly be seeing 1.4.5 (or what is rumoured to be pushed to our devices very, very soon!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am very excited about seeing a big roll-out of ported apps thanks to the PDK. The future definitely looks bright for webOS in my eyes.

As as side, yet very important note for those keen homebrewers (like me), please make sure you check out this thread over on PreCentral which explains about some patches that must be removed prior to the update.

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