Pre Accessories

Pre Accessories

Pre accessories for Palm’s new Pre phone were announced at CES 2009. The most notable Pre accessory is the Palm Touchstone. Made exclusively for the Palm Pre, the Touchstone Pre Accessory is a revolutionary charing device for a mobile phones. With the Touchstone charger, Pre owners can simply set their device on the Touchstone to charge. No need to plug-in the Pre. The Touchstone does not come standard with the Pre, but rest assured it will be the most popular Pre accessory.

Pre Accessories

Best Selling Pre Accessories

Looking for best selling Pre accessories? Look not further than the Everying Pre Accessory Store, featuring one of the largest selections of Palm Palm Pre accessories. Pre accessories are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. Shipping starts at just $5.95. Established in 2006, our smartphone stores have shipped thousands of orders to satisfied customers worldwide.

Pre Accessory Recommendations for New Owners

New to the Palm Pre? Wondering what Pre accessories to purchase? The most common accessory would be a Pre case and this will go a long way to protecting your new Palm Pre. When released, you can expect a wide assortment of compatible cases for the Pre. The Palm Pre has a black plastic casing that is susceptible to scratches. There are options if you are not one to use cases on your phones. An option would be to use skin such as The Invisible Shield or BodySkinz for Palm Pre. These are custom made to fit the Pre and offers maximum scratch protection wthout the bulk of a case.

Touchstone the Ultimate Pre Accessory?

The Touchstone will make charging convenient and allows you to showcase your Pre. As the first conductive charging station, the Touchstone is a perfect companion to the Pre. At the time of writing, Palm has not provided pricing for the Touchstone.

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