Treo Pro Coming To Sprint?

There have been rumblings about the Treo Pro coming to Sprint and more evidence of a possible Sprint Treo Pro was uncovered today. The Sprint Software website includes a drop down menu where customers can select their phone and the store will display compatible software.

Some may think, well it is unlocked, so perhaps Sprint is simply offering up software for the device. The current Treo Pro, while unlocked, is a GSM only phone. It can only run on AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM networks. Verizon and Sprint still run on CDMA networks. When Palm confirmed they were in talks with a US carrier, most all the tech blogs pointed to an AT&T release. Makes perfect sense considering the current Treo Pro works great on AT&T’s GSM network. Add to the equation that Sprint has been selling the Treo 800w and it’s been speculated that Verizon will start offering the Treo 800w in the next few weeks.

It’s still quite possible that both Sprint and AT&T are in line for the Treo Pro. The Treo 750 has been discontinued, leaving an opening for the Treo Pro in AT&T’s product offering. Stay tuned, but it appears we are headed for a subsidized Treo Pro.

via Brighthand

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