Review: Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre

Due to the sliding nature of the keyboard, the Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre comes in two pieces that snap into place on the Pre. It’s constructed of hard plastic and it’s relatively sturdy. The two pieces, while bendable, seem as though they would be difficult to snap in two. This is important should you drop your Pre, I don’t get the feeling this particular case would shatter into pieces.


The case requires you snap it into place. Along the corners are small ‘lips’ that grip the Palm Pre. You can hear an audible click when it snaps into place. The bottom half of the case installed without an issue. If the Palm Pre was dropped, I’d say it’s likely the case would stay attached. I say this because I found that trying to remove the bottom half of the case was a chore. When it’s in place, it was semi-difficult to remove it. The top half didn’t provide the same comfort level, with the top right hand side never feeling as if it snaps into place. You can press the top right of the case and it will not properly close. Not to the point where it’s going to fall off, but it’s not a perfect fit.


The Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre is Touchstone compatible. There is a small square cutout on the back that allows for the Palm Pre to be used with the Touchstone while in the case. Compared to the Seidio Innocase Surface (see review), the Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre was not very good. I found myself searching for the “sweet spot”, so that it would stay in place. In a way, that does away with some of the utility and convenience of the Touchstone if you’re constantly fidgeting with the Pre looking for that charging spot. If you have a Touchstone, I’d suggest looking at other cases.


The case looks very good on the Palm Pre. The transparent nature of the case allows you to put your Palm Pre on display. The case has cut-outs which allow access to:

  • Volume jog buttons
  • Headphone jack
  • microUSB door
  • Ringer switch

I find the thickness of the case makes it more difficult to power on/off the device. As you’ll notice in the picture, the power button ends up being recessed when in the case. The same issue plagues the volume jog buttons. Are they accessible? Yes, but I would have liked for the case to be thinner. On the flip side, the thicker case construction will offer better protection against drops. I felt the bottom of both parts were nicely manufactured. I found it easy to type on the Pre, with the case not interfering at all.


The Smartphone Experts Snap On Case will protect against scratches, save for the screen. If you opt for this case, you should invest in a screen protector. The case itself is prone to scratches. These are more noticeable when the case is not on the phone, so that’s not a major issue.


The Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre offers good protection in a hard plastic case without covering up the Pre and comes in a variety of colors. The overall fit of the case could be improved and Touchstone compatibility was spotty.

Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre retails for $14.95 and is available at the Everything Pre Store.


  1. I bought one so that my slippery Pre wouldn’t fly off of my lap in the car. Of course while operating hands free! I did have to sand down the top edge over the volume key, since whenever opened the slider it depressed my low volume key. Since then, it’s been great!

  2. I ordered one a couple of weeks ago. Just a warning, if you have a skin covering your phone, more than likely you WILL have a hard time getting the top cover on. I had to use a knife to kind of shoehorn the case around the last uncovered corner, and it kinda ruined the corners of the skin in the process. The top cover snapped on pretty easily though.

    Also, the case kind of welcomes dust and particles if you put it in your pocket. I have to take the back of the case off to clean it every now and then.

    I will say that even though it seems like this case is A LOT of trouble, it’s actually pretty good. It’s sturdy and stays on. It also feels a lot better than the rubbery texture of the skin. Also, the case (I have the blue one) helps my Pre stand out from everyone else who has a Pre. I’ve gotten a few compliments on how cool it looks, and it does.

    Overall, it has its flaws, but it’s not a bad buy for only $15

  3. If you have a Pre, you need this case! I’ve dropped mine twice(once on concrete) AND stepped on it – and my Pre didn’t get a scratch. Must buy!

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