Rumor: Paid Apps To Launch Tomorrow

With the release of webOS 1.2.0, we suspected that today would mark the launch of paid apps in the Palm App Catalog. According to a PreCentral tipster, the launch will occur on Friday. That’s right, tomorrow could be the first signs of paid apps.


To get prepared, we’d suggest you set up an account within the App Catalog. Simply launch the App Catalog, tap on the menu at the top right and create an account. You’ll need a MasterCard or Visa in order to purchase apps.

An interesting feature is that apps are tied to your Palm profile. If you delete a paid app, you can always download it again for free. This way if you decide to move to a Palm Pixi or the next greatest webOS device, your apps move with you.

So the day is finally upon us? What are your expectations? What apps are you hoping to see come tomorrow?

[via Pre|Central]


  1. I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m tired of playing this rumor stuff with the Pre. But on a good note I am ready to get a paid version of Tweed v1.0 with all the improvements that Pivotal Labs was talking about.

  2. Yeah i’m with corey on that one. But i would really like to see if they come out with Epocrates, yeah i know you can get it with clasic but its not the same. I would like to see it on the webos platform, that would be cool

  3. I am hoping for the software keyboard to be available via app store and maybe hopefully Illium ewallet. I don’t know if they are working on an app for the pre but I would love to be able to open my wallet I created on my old win mobile phone on the pre. An instant messenger compatible with live messenger would be sweet!

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