Rumor: Verizon Palm Pre Plus

For weeks, okay months we’ve heard about Verizon getting the Pre, but it never really made sense to us. With the WiFi enabled Palm Pixi apparently enroute to Verizon, you’d suspect the companies would want to differentiate the two product lines to prevent from cannibalization. According to a report from Phone Arena (via SlashGear), you can expect more. The Palm Pre Plus is listed in Verizon’s internal system. It’s not clear exactly what differences we’ll see in the new Palm Pre Plus, but we’re betting on more storage capacity. If we’re lucky, perhaps a glass screen and improvements to the overall build quality. We’ll find out on January 7th, when Palm presents at CES. Be sure to check back as we’ll provide live coverage of the event.


So what would you like from the Palm Pre Plus? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Why might I buy Palm Pre Plus? >16GB MicroSD, larger display, easier migration for PalmOS applications. These three would prompt me to upgrade on the first day Verizon makes it available.

  2. Just like Dean said, more storage space, glass display, and I’m thinking I’d like to see 4G available…I talked to a Sprint rep back when the original Pre was released, and he said there was a 4G version on the way…just wait! I know we’ve all heard the stories from our local reps, but everything this guy has told me has happened or been released, as far as Sprint products go. I guess 4G wouldn’t make much sense on Verizon just yet, but for Sprint, Come on Palm…hurry up already!

  3. Just put the Pre on the Vz network and I will switch from AT&T and get one ASAP. Any additional features would be nice, but not required.

  4. Memory expansion card slot.

  5. Adobe Flash capability!!!

  6. Really hope for a new Pre version with more power and features, but also this PLUS could be an additional mobile service package free or not by Verizon.

  7. A glass display, Adobe Flash and FM Radio are my wish list, but most importantly make the Palm Pre Plus available in Asia market. After so many months of waiting since Palm Pre was introduced, it is still not available in Asia. Why??? Aren’t Asia and South East Asia market worthy of your attention?

  8. I would like an easier way to transfer data from older versions of Palm, longer lasting battery life, SD expansion card, and bigger glass display. Looking forward to Palm from Verizon.

  9. I second Cliff’s call. Make it available in Asia, quickly!! Many Asian die hard supporters are waiting faithfully for Palm to comeback! Hurry up, the wait is killing us!!!

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