Rumor: webOS 1.2 Update Delayed

Various rumors and leaked roadmaps have been leading everyone to a September 24th release of webOS 1.2, but it might not happen. Pre|Central and their steady stream of anonymous tipsters lets us know that webOS 1.2 will be delayed until next week and will release as webOS 1.2.1.

So why the delay? Sprint needs to conduct testing on the revised webOS 1.2, in addition to changes in the App Catalog. In addition to a host of improvements, you can expect iTunes syncing to work with iTunes 9.0. The tipster adds that the initial iTunes sync fix took all of 5 minutes, while the latest hurdle was around 2 and 1/2 hours.

It doesn’t appear that re-enabling iTunes sync was the cause of the delay. More than likely, one can assume that enabling e-commerce in the Palm App Catalog, combined with the other improvements are the cause for the delay. Palm never officially confirmed that September 24th would mark the release of webOS 1.2, so it’s not likely that we’ll hear one way or the other from Palm on the delay. Stay tuned tomorrow.


  1. Can’t wait to see what the new iTunes “fix” is.
    Will Palm set the USB-IF to say the Pre is mfg’d by Apple to get iTunes to work ?

  2. I’ve been waiting to sync my pre to my new itunes playlist

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