Skinner Review

Review: Skinner

Ratings: 3

By: Christopher Meinck


You can install it as a standalone application or you can run it with a Hack Manager. For my testing, I installed skinner-hack.prc along with
three skins that come with Skinner: Aqua, Cool Grey and US. All of
which are installed as a prc.Skins are about 44k in size. Installation
was a snap via HotSync.

Using Skinner:

I activated Skinner by checking it in my hack manager. From there, I
was able to select the Skin of my choice. In addition to the 3 skins
that came bundled with Skinner, there were additional skins available
free of charge. These were available for download from 79 bmedia and
included Christmas and Chanukuh themes. Additional themes are available
for purchase for $1.46 each or $3.88 for three.


I've been running Skinner on my Treo 300 for around 3 weeks now without any software conflicts. I found the software easy to use, compatible with my Treo 300 and the skins were a refreshing "change of pace" from my standard dialer. I would like to see a larger selection of skins. However, this will come in a matter of time as they are planning on releasing a desktop program (PC compatible only) that will allow you to create your own skins! Prior to the release, you can create your own skins by downloading files from 79 bmedia. Once complete with your edits, you'll need to send the files back to 79 bmedia for processing. Skinner is a fun program that offers a refreshing change of pace from the standard dialer. With the desktop skinner on the way, it will only increase the number of available skins.

Skinner for the Treo 600 and Skinner for the Treo 650 retail for $14.99.

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