SlingPlayer for webOS Not Coming Anytime Soon

Zatz Not Funny spoke with SlingMedia’s mobile product manager and Palm’s webOS is currently being “evaluated”. The company has announced apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and last week they announced an Android client. We’re not sure if this due limitations in SDK or perhaps the market is not large enough yet.


PreCentral reports via Fierce Mobile that SlingMedia has announced a collaboration to support the Flash streaming protocols for the “smooth streaming of H.264 audio and video”. They theorize that when Flash support is offered in webOS 1.4, you’ll be able to run the full SlingPlayer app.

Call us skeptical, but we don’t see a Flash based app working on par with native apps available on other platforms. With more carriers, more webOS device owners, hopefully that will tip the scales and incentize SlingMedia to jump in and bring a proper SlingPlayer app to the App Catalog.


  1. eddiebaretoe says:

    Boo! Hiss!

  2. Very disappointing. It seems like only yesterday, that crisp SlingMedia logo was shining on the WebOS launch developer list. Once launch came and went without any word from Sling, I’ve sat patiently awaiting news. This was not the news I was waiting to hear. SlingPlayer was actually one of the things I factored in when choosing the Pre. I guess I learned not to make decisions based on vapor-ware or promises.

    Needless to say, SlingPlayer isn’t going to make or break WebOS, but it sure would be nice to have. Here is to a hopefully bright future. Hopefully Verizon getting the Pre/Pixi will help build the WebOS installation base and help out us users that are on Sprint.

  3. This may not be a make-or-break for webOS, but it is a make-or-break for me to buy a Palm Pre. I love having my Slingbox accessible from my current phone (MotoQ) and will not buy a phone that doesn’t support the app. The day a WebOS Slingplayer is available, I’m switching to the Pre.

  4. Sling has been a huge disappointment for me. They got me to buy their products and then they quit supporting what I’ve purchased (hardware and software). Not to mention saying they will develop a mobile app for the Pre and then not coming through with it. I see Sling disappearing altogether in the near future. They barely stock the Slingbox at Best Buy any longer.

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