SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS Released

SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS, the application that allows you to control your home TV via SlingBox, is no longer
in beta.

SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS

SlingPlayer Mobile lets you watch your TV and control your cable box via your Palm Treo. Officially, SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS only supports the 3G-capable Treo 755p and 700p, though Sling Media reports numerous users are Slinging happily on older devices such as the Treo 750, and Treo 650.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Battery level indicator icon now added to Remote bar
  • Ability to add all remote control functions supported by the specific AV device as Favorites shortcuts
  • Remote control functions that are not supported by the particular AV device are removed from preset Remote bar to avoid confusion
  • Automatic switch into 123 input mode after certain on-screen display functions are executed to enable convenient and immediate navigation on screen. Such on-screen display functions include: Tivo, List, Menu, Program Guide, Settings, Setup, Now Playing, Active, Info/ Display Info, DVD Menu, Setup Menu, Title Menu
  • More intuitive arrangement of icons on Remote bar (for DVR device input type only)
  • Remote control commands for additional A/V devices incorporated
  • Revised Quick Start Tips, and incorporated latest set of keyboard shortcuts under Help screen
  • Messaging on availability of newer version of Slingbox firmware

SlingPlayer for Palm OS is available as a 30-day free trial and retails for $29.99. Download SlingPlayer Mobile for the Palm OS at Sling Media.

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