Smartphone Experts LH7 Leather Hard Case

This compact leather hard case offers full access the Treo 700p, 700wx, or 700w’s features, and protects the Treo against everyday scratches and accidental drops.

There is a cut-out for the volume keys, and on the back of the case there are cut-outs for the speakerphone and the camera. The top is left fully open for easy access to the ringer silencer and the SD Card slot. The headset jack and the sync connector are also exposed, so you can sync and charge your Treo while in the case. A sturdy swivel belt-clip is included with the case. If you prefer to carry the phone in your pocket, the belt-clip is completely removable.

  • 360 degree non ratchet swivel belt clip
  • Keyboard, navigation keys, and screen are fully accessible.
  • Cut-outs for headset and sync jack, camera, speakerphone, and volume keys.
  • Fully open top for SD card slot, ring silencer and IR port.

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