Smartphone Experts Skin Case and Holster Combo

Combine the SPE SafeGuard SkinHolster with the SPE Ultra Slim SkinCase, and you got one great solution offering the protection and style of a skinned Treo 700p, 700wx, or 700w with the ease and the convenience of a belt clip holster.

The UltraSlim Case offers half the thickness and better keyboard access of competing products. The keyboard cut-out follows the side of the Treo rather than overlapping it, so usability of the keys located on the sides of the keyboard (Q,A,Fn, P, Return, Backspace) are improved. The skin is also sprayed to reduce the stickiness of the silicone (making it easier to carry the phone in your pocket), yet offers anti-slip properties which gives your phone more grip on all type of surfaces.

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