SnapperMail Releases Update

SnapperMail Releases Update

November 18, 2005

By: Christopher Meinck

Snapperfish has released an update to their popular SnapperMail program. Registered users can download software update version 2.3 as a free download from their site.


The latest version 2.3 offers specific improvements for Treo users:

  • Disable flashing LED (Preferences->System).
  • OPTION or SHIFT left/right navigates folders in Message List.
  • SnapperMail adds a ‘Favorite’ button to the Dialer.
  • New message notification displayed in Dialer application status bar.
  • The new version also fixed the following issues:

    • Setting SnapperMail as the default email application is permanent over soft resets.
    • Minor issue with attaching Images and Videos from Media applications.
    • Graffiti indicator stays visible in Message Composer.
    • Focus navigation fixed in Message Composer.

    There are a host of other fixes and improvements and Snapperfish recommends all registered users upgrade to version 2.3. For a complete list of revisions, please visit Snapperfish.

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