Soundpix Review

Review: Soundpix

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By: Christopher Meinck

Sharing Photos

Do you remember the first time you used SMS? How about MMS using a
picture from your camera phone or Treo? There was a cool factor. A cool
factor that quite honestly is part of the lifeblood of most Treo
owners. Well, we at Everything Treo were looking forward to the release
of Soundpix Mobile. First off, don’t be confused by the name. The
Soundpix Mobile software is exclusively made for the Treo 600 and as
such works seamlessly within the Treo. The Soundpix software is all
about expanding your communication. It can also act as a photo album
and allows for easy sharing of photos online.

Easy To Use…(and fun)

Launch the Soundpix software and you are taken to a screen that looks
like a photo album. Using the 4-way dial, you can scroll up and down
through your photos. The interface is simple and uncluttered. Click on
the Camera icon and you are in capture mode. Snap your shot and click
Record to record a voice message. You can replay your message or press
Save to enter it in your album. Click Email and Soundpix will
automatically launch you’re preferred email client to send your JPEG w/
sound. Soundpix has a default that allows you to include a snippet of
text for information on how to listen to the recording.

Voice Message Delivered With Photo

When I tested this, the file size was a very acceptable 133k. It took
about 15 seconds using the Cingular network. Recipients can view the
picture without any special software. To hear the message along with
the picture, they must first download a plug-in. Soundpix supports both
Mac and PC. The Mac plug-in was roughly 292k compressed. Installing the
plug-in tookd seconds and didn’t require a restart. The snippet that
directs a user to download the plug-in takes them to the Soundpix
homepage. I would have preferred a direct link to the plug-ins page.
Clicking on the image within Mail opened up Preview. I simply saved the
image and opened it by firing up my browser and selecting Open File
> mypicture.jpg. With ease, I was viewing a photo and listening to
the voice recording.

Share Photos Online with dotPhoto

An interesting feature of Soundpix is the ability to create a photo
album online. They have partnered with I signed up for a
free account and actually got a $5 credit for doing so. Sign up took
seconds. I used the email that I send photos from my Treo. When using
Soundpix, I email my photo to soundpix at Whatever I decide to type in the Subject line becomes the title of my album. In minutes,
I received an email from dotPhoto confirming my album submission.


Take a picture, record audio with the Treo 600 microphone and send via your favorite email application, share photos online using dotPhoto and more. Soundpix is the latest in applications that further the "coolfactor" of the Treo 600. An enjoyable product that furthers your communication capabilities.

Soundpix is available as a free trail and retails for $23.95.

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