Sprint Kills Palm Pre $100 Service Credit Offer

Earlier today we brought you word that Sprint was offering a $100 service credit to new Palm Pre customers who were coming over from another carrier. While the price of the Palm Pre remained at $199 (after a $100 rebate), the service credit ultimately brought the out of pocket to $99. In a quick turnaround, Sprint has canceled the offer. We’re not sure if this is due to an impending price cut on the device itself or perhaps they didn’t want the Pre to compete with the forthcoming $99 webOS device that is rumored to be announced this week. Sprint’s official statement on the matter is as follows:

“After further internal review today, the offer of a port-in service credit of $100 to new customers who buy the Palm Pre has been pulled, because it was put into the system in error.”

Seems to be a lot of confusion around this device and it’s pricing. First it was Best Buy and now Sprint. Both companies seem to be having lines of communication a bit twisted.

via All Things Digital

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