Sprint Offering $50 Cash Back?

Sprint has just announced that customers who purchased the Palm Pre within the last 30 days “may be able to receive a price match adjustment.” Comments at Sprint’s corporate blog indicate that retailers and even Sprint telesales are not aware of this cash back offer. We’re guessing this was put into place to avoid new customers from returning their Palm Pre phones and then purchasing them over again at today’s new price of $149.99. It could be to reduce any brushback from customers who paid $199.99 within the past 30 days only to see the price of the phone dropped by $50. We’re betting on the former, as most understand that prices on phones do change.


In any event, print out a copy of this blog post and head to the retailer where you purchased your PreĀ  – this can be Sprint retail stores, Best Buy or Radio Shack. Just be aware that even the blog post says “may be able to receive a price adjustment”. That doesn’t sound very convincing, but we’re hoping for the best.

via Pre|Central


  1. I just went to Best Buy and they gave me the difference, in cash. No problems at all.

  2. I did the same! I went to BestBuy where I purchased my phone and I got $53 back which included the tax! Absolutely no problem at all…they simply said yes I do get the difference back. Must have receipt of course.

  3. I called Sprint (purchased direct through advantage club) and they didn’t even blink. I mentioned I read online about the price match and was responded with an “absolutely, sir” and the CSR proceeded to adjust both my my wife and I’s accounts on the spot. Love it!

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