Sprint’s EVO 4G Launch Day Eclipses Palm Pre Launch

Last year at this time, the buzz in the smartphone world was about Palm’s new Pre. In fact, for the entire first half of 2009, there was a frenzy surrounding the Palm Pre. The term ‘Palm Pre’ was top trending topics on Twitter for 2009. After winning Best in Show at CES 2009, the Palm Pre was hot like fire and Palm delivered on their promise to deliver the Pre within the first half of the year. First day sales of the Palm Pre was the biggest in Sprint history. According to Sprint, those sales were eclipsed by the HTC EVO 4G. According to Sprint representatives, launch day sales of the HTC EVO 4G were three times the number of the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct over their first three days on the market.

Sprint has just started to do advertising for the EVO 4G, so why the difference in sales? Has the smartphone market matured, making for a larger audience that are interested in purchasing smartphones? We all know the marketing missteps following the launch, but count us as surprised by these numbers by these launch day numbers. Sure people have been talking about the EVO in tech circles, but the buzz certainly doesn’t seem on par with the Palm Pre of 2009.

via Everything Android

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