StyleTap Enables Treo 700w Users to Also Run Palm OS Applications

StyleTap Enables Treo 700w Users to Also Run Palm OS Applications

February 21, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

StyleTap Inc., a leading innovator in software platforms for PDAs
and smartphones, has announced that its latest preview version of StyleTap Platform now supports the Palm Treo 700w.

Run Thousands of Palm OS Applications

Users of the Palm Treo 700w can now choose from thousands of existing Palm OS applications to find the software that
best meets their needs. As the first handheld device from Palm that runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system,
the Treo 700w is attracting much attention from long time users of Palm devices. Usually a decision to switch operating
systems means that users must suffer through a long, frustrating and expensive process of evaluating and buying new
applications and then converting all of their existing data over to the new device.

Best of Both Worlds

â??StyleTap Platform gives owners of the Treo 700w the best of both worldsâ?said Gregory Sokoloff, CEO and co-founder of StyleTap Inc.,
â??They now have the choice of using new applications designed for Windows Mobile, or they can keep running their familiar Palm OS applications.â?

StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs enables most Palm OS applications (including games!) to run, unmodified, on any device running Windows Mobile,
including the Treo 700w. The software comes with everything needed to download and run Palm OS applications, and supports cut/paste of text and bitmaps between
Windows Mobile applications and Palm OS applications.

StyleTap platform eliminates the need to wait for new versions of applications and games that support the square screen of the Treo 700w. Users can use existing Palm OS
versions that already support the square screen format found on other devices from Palm.

StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs including the Palm Treo 700w is available for a free 14-day trial at StyleTap.

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