StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile Released

StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile Released

November 3, 2006

By: Jill Janson

StyleTap has released version 1.0 of
StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile, allowing applications originally
written for Palm OS to run on Windows Mobile Pocket PC including the Palm Treo 700w/wx and Treo 750v.

“Users from around the world purchased the preview version of StyleTap
Platform, and we used their feedback to make version 1.0 faster and even
more robust and capable,”
said Gregory Sokoloff, CEO and co-founder of
StyleTap Inc. “Long-time Palm OS users are thrilled to continue running
their favorite Palm OS applications on their new Windows Mobile devices,
while existing Windows Mobile users are delighted with the vast library of
additional applications that StyleTap Platform makes available to them.”

“The benefits of StyleTap Platform are not just for end users,” said Lew
Shepherdson, VP Sales & Marketing for StyleTap. “Application developers and
OEMs have readily seen how supporting StyleTap Platform immediately expands
the market for their products and creates unimagined cross-platform
opportunities. Similarly, corporate customers, including Fortune 50
companies, are already saving time and money by deploying proven Palm OS
applications on new hardware with StyleTap Platform.”

The StyleTap software includes everything necessary to run most applications
and games written for any version of Palm OS (including version 5
applications that use ARMlets). It supports virtually all Windows Mobile
Pocket PC devices, including phones with square screens (like the popular
Palm Treo 700 series) and PDAs with high-resolution VGA screens, in
portrait or landscape mode. Programs run at full speed, even animated games
and multimedia applications. Network applications work great through WiFi,
serial or USB connections. Infrared (IR) and Bluetooth communications are
also supported.

More information can be found at StyleTap.

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