Summer of Palm Cases Giveaway #1

As part of our Summer of Palm Cases, here’s the first of three Palm case summer giveaways. Throughout the summer, we’ll select a winner who can choose a case of his/her choosing from the everythingpre Store.* To kick things off, we’re going to make entry into the first contest super easy.

Simply comment on this article and provide a link to Palm case in the everythingpre Store that you’d like to win.

That’s it. One comment per person (we can check this sort of stuff). Cases must be $29.99 or less. We’ll randomly select one winner on July 29th. Contest is open to US residents only.

Reminder, you can enter each our contests. If you don’t win the first contest, you still have the rest of the summer for you chance to win in the Summer of Cases.

Summer of Cases Rules and Regulations
  • Case must be priced lower than $29.99.
  • everythingpre cannot guarantee stock of a particular case. If a case is not in stock, the winner can elect to wait for the case of his/her choice or select a replacement.
  • All cases must be from the everythingpre Store located at
  • ELIGIBILITY: You must be eighteen or over to enter and win, and a legal resident of, and currently living in the United States.
  • ENTRY: To enter you must comment on the article “Summer of Palm Cases Giveaway 1″ by 9:00 a.m. EST on July 29th, 2010 and provide a valid email address. One comment per user. Multiple comments will result in disqualification. Links must be to items in the everythingpre Store located at
  • LIMITATION ON LIABILITY: By entering this Giveaway, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules, and agree to release the Sponsors and Administrators, and their employees, officers, agents and directors (the Sponsors and Administrators, and such others, collectively, the Released Parties
  • Everythingpre is in no way associated with Palm or HP, Inc.
  • Pre is a registered trademark of Palm, a subsidiary of HP, Inc.



    Great give away. My case (luckly) broke two weeks ago. I’m counting down the drops till my pre breaks. Please help!

  2. Jpartain89 says:

    I would love to have a case for my Palm Pixi. Kinda a WebOS fanboy here.

    otter box all the way!!

  3. this in either gold or grey will keep my pre safe and me looking less-lame…thanks for this contest!

  4. I’d like to get the leather side case for the Pixi Plus:

  5. Christopher Meinck says:

    Reminder. For your comment to get approved, you must provide a comment and a link. One without the other does not meet the criteria. The above four comments are good examples of to enter.

    Good luck everyone!

  6. Chris Huber says:

    I Love the palm pre and it came with everything but a cool case like this!!!

  7. I’d love to get one of the Seidio Innocase Surface cases in blue for my Pre!

  8. I really like the Seidio Innocase Surface in Grey:

  9. I would love to wrap that Amethyst case around my Palm Pre…thanks!

  10. Anitra Wolfe says:

    I would love to have a pink Palm Pixi. Pink is my favorite color and I absolutely loved my Pink Palm Centro. Please let me be the winner!!!!

    Here is the link to the case I would love to win:

    P.S. I am loving the WebOS and multi-tasking on this phone. I also love to throw away things when I am done with them. LOL!!

  11. Simplicity Rules! I would love this case in black for my pre+….My labrador gnawed my first one to death!

    Thank you everythingPRE!

  12. Okay, it’s not EXACTLY a case, but your description says it’s a substitute for one.

  13. I would love to get this pouch for my Pre.

    everythingpre rocks

  14. Otto Mora says:

    I am also going for an invisible shield, which is not technically a case, but it’s actually better! :-)

    Good luck to everyone!

  15. Charles Kuttner says:

    I love the store’s variety of choices…hard to choose, but I’d love the Otterbox:

    Why? Because I’m a klutz. I rarely drop a PDA, but when I do drop it, the drop is a doozy. I suspect the Otterbox would enhance the chance of my Pre surviving a drop.

    Plus, I live in Oregon, and know for a fact that otters are really cool critters.

  16. I went to buy a Seido case from a dude on craigslist, and he broke it trying to show it to me! Bother. (Gave me a broken case for free, but.. what should I do with that??)

    Cool stuff guys, thanks much for all the current news and of course the giveaway :)

  17. Ooh, yesss! Here’s the link: and I’d like a Burgundy one if I win.

    (I like that this case works with the Touchstone.)

  18. Dustin Sherrill says:

    I almost chose the organizer one, but this one (in black) would suit me fine. I have the Palm side pouch now, but that pull tab is kind of annoying. The hole in the bottom of this one is a better design. (I just now peeked at the one above that works with the Touchstone and almost changed my mind! lol)

  20. Allyson says:
  21. Cameron B says:

    The Wool Pouch for Pixi! In Grey/Green! Like iPod socks but for my Palm to keep it from being scratched up in my pocket/backpack.

  22. PapaCl1ck says:
  23. I researched for 6 months and finally got a Pre and I love it. My next purchase is a case and a Otterbox is on the hit list.

  24. Stacy Coleman says:

    Great contest idea! Love Palm, love my Pre Plus & love your store!

  25. zipperhed says:
  26. This is such an awesome giveaway. I could really use this case.

    The amethyst case is pretty sweet.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  27. If I won, I’d love this one: I have one like it now, which I love, but it is falling apart.

  28. lou_raya87 says:
  29. Chayel H says:

    Woot!! This is awesome. I need a case. I never got around to buying one though. I would like the black case.

  30. William Kats says:

    That OtterBox for the Pre Plus looks cool. Good looking out, everythingpre.

  31. Aaron Carr says:

    It would be awesome not having to worry a about my palm Pre while on splash mountain at Disneyland.


    I need a case for my new Pre. Don’t have one yet…this one looks great!

  33. elisabeth says:

    i love my palm pre plus!! its the best phone i’ve owned, i gladly gave up my bb storm and i’m loving the multitasking ability and the fact that it doesn’t freeze on a daily basis. i would love to have an otter case to protect it so that i can love it for a long time to come.

  34. I really like the pouch style cases, especially this one:

  35. Retrotull says:

    Hey! It’s summertime! Let’s skip the mundane everyday case and head to the beach!!

  36. This is great! I need a case for my touchstone.

  37. The case that must work with the touchstone and must be in black color.

  38. Eddie G says:

    Oh man, oh man… I’m gonna sport the pink pixi case!

  39. thefuzzyhulk says:

    I got my Pixi a few days ago and am already in love. Touchstone me, baby! If I win I’ll have to get the cradle lol. in black.

    …wait is a back cover the same as a case?

  40. This has to be the solution I’m looking for!


    I have the Sprint Pre. Now that I have Mobile Hotspot thanks to this GREAT help, this is a perfect case to have access to the WiFi!

  42. This sounds wonderful – and it says it works with the touchstone!

  43. KCollins says:

    My wife just got a Palm pixi plus and I would love to give her this case!
    Thanks in advance!!

  44. I’ve had the touchstone for a while now but don’t use it because it’s become more important to protect my phone with a case… curious to try out this case in amethyst:

    Thank you!

  45. looks like the best bet. 28 ratings of 5 stars can’t be wrong, can it? I’m still using a screen protector and the original black/orange pouch and it’s becoming unbearable.

  46. This is a great idea! I really enjoy my Pre and would like a case for it.

  47. I would love to get a case for my Pre. In blue please?

  48. Scott GrantSmith says:
  49. Cool contest, a very nice selection of cases to choose from for the Pre I must say. I have a touchstone so that limit’s my choices, here is what I would get:


  50. I am enjoying my touchstone for my Pixi but would like to personalize it with a BLUE backing seen here:

    thanks for the contest!

  51. Brenda Young says:
  52. Erica Scranta says:
  53. Sam Kamens says:

    I can always use another case.

    I use side pouches, like this one:

  54. My palm is since Nov 2009 my best friend;-)) I can use it for geocaching, mailing, search in the world wide web and many more. I never give it away for ever!!! If I don’t have it in my pocket, I can’t concentrate! I allways have to wnoder about whre my palm pre would be. For geocaching I need a case like this:

  55. if I win, since I use a touchstone, I would have to go with this case:

  56. RaTonya says:
  57. I have all the other colors but Pink! Must complete my collection!! :)

  58. Nice contest! I’ve always like the Pre by itself but this case seems nice as a belt clip with a rugged but stylish look.

  59. Great promo to check out the selections.
    Since I use the Touchstone, my case of choice would be:

  60. Craig Boudreaux says:
  61. I just got a second Pre for my wife and it would be nice to have a case for her.

  62. I love my leather palm slip-case, but I’ve always wanted to try one of these. Besides, it’s got all 5 star ratings ;)

  63. Jon Bick says:

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