SuperTooth II Review

Review: SuperTooth II

Ratings: 4

By: Christopher Meinck

The SuperTooth II is the latest Bluetoothâ?¢ speakerphone from CB Technologies. For use with the car or conference room, the SuperTooth II performed very well in our tests.

SuperTooth II for Treo 650

Inside the SuperTooth II Package

The SuperTooth II is neatly packaged and contains all the accessories you need to get started. Included in the package was:

  • SuperTooth II Bluetooth Speakerphone
  • Car Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Adapter for US usage
  • Visor clip
  • Instruction Guide

This product is made in Austrailia and it’s clear their primary market is Europe.In the US, you’ll need to attach the included adapter to the AC power in order to charge the SuperTooth II. It takes only 3 hours to fully charge the unit.

Out of box experience

Everyhing you need to get started was included in the box. There is a list of approved phones that are SuperTooth II compatible, but surprisingly the Treo 650 was not listed. This clearly was a oversight.

Pairing the SuperTooth II with the Treo 650

The included directions offered two methods of pairing: Handsfree Pairing or Headset Pairing. It suggests that you refer to the compatibility chart to determine which is preferred for your mobile device. Althought the Treo is not listed on the chart, we selected Hands-Free from the Bluetooth menu on the Treo and were able to pair the device without a problem.


There really isn’t much to the installation process. If you’re using in the car, there is a powerful magnet on the back of SuperTooth that makes it easy to attach the included clip. It seems as if they went through a lot of trouble to make the device a good fit for both car users and those who will use it as a speakerphone in a conference room. The removal clip allows the SuperTooth II to sit flat. Car installation is as easy as attaching the SuperTooth II to your visor. It’s worth noting that the included magnet was extremely powerful; I had no concerns that headset would fall from the clip.

Usability: Answering the call

Using the SuperTooth II is pretty straight forward. To answer a call, you simply open the “swivel arm. The arm extends to either 55 degrees or 210 degrees. This turns on the SuperTooth II and the audio is automatically transferred from the Treo to the speakerphone.

Usability: Making calls

Although voice tags are supported on the SuperTooth II, the Treo 650 does not support voice tags in most devices. In order to make a call, you must power-on the SuperTooth II by extending the swivel arm and then placing the call from the Treo 650. Basically, the call process did not differ from making a call using a traditional Bluetooth headset.

Sound Quality

The most important aspects of a headset or handsfree device is the quality of

  • Your voice to the caller
  • Voice quality of the caller
  • Sound levels

My Voice Quality

The SuperTooth II has DSP or Digital Signal Processing. It also boasts a full duplex from the speakerphone. All of this is great, but how did it match up against our criteria for a good speakerphone. I asked a number of callers to judge my voice quality. Outside of a call to TGI Friday’s (which I attribute to the loud bar on their end), the overall response was “You sound clear and it sounds the same as your headset. I found this to be an endorsement of the products sound quality. However, I did have a few instances where my voice was not loud enough. Driving a Ford Escape, the cabin height puts the visor higher than for optimal use of the SuperTooth II. I put the visor at a 35 degree angle and that seemed to resolve any issues. For me, it was a minor incovenience, but an inconvenience none the less.

Voice Quality of Callers

This is where the SuperTooth II really shines. The quality of the callers was crystal clear. I felt like I had a conference room quality speaker in my car. I was very impressed with the quality. No break-ups, digitization or quality issues when listening to my callers.

Sound Levels

This seems to be one of the most important factors to Treo owners and cellphone users in general. Due to the height of the cabin in my Ford Escape, I had to adjust the visor down in order to be closer to the SuperTooth II. This was a minor inconvenience and might not be applicable to most depending on the type of car, truck or van you drive. If you have a tremendous amount of headroom in your car, then you would have to adjust your visor to make the sound level of your voice at an appropriate level. It didn’t impede my view of the road, but wasn’t optimal. There is a volume control which allows you to adjust the volume. If you were to say the volume went from 1 to 10, then I’d say 6 was optimal. If you needed extra volume the SuperTooth II could easily accomodate. I imagine this would be helpful in a conference room setting if there were several people listening to a call.


The SuperTooth II is an attractive, well-built handsfree speakerphone option for the Treo 650. The kit comes complete with AC Adapter and Car Charger, so that you can charge either at home or on the road. Sound quality was above average on both ends. Sound levels of your voice could be a problem in vehicles with a lot of headroom. The sound of incoming callers is where the unit really impressed. Crystal clear sound and flexibility with regards to sound levels of the caller. The removable magnetic visor clip allows the SuperTooth II to easily transform from a handsfree car unit to a very capable conference room speakerphone.

The SuperTooth II for Treo 650 retails for $109.95.

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