DocsToGo for webOS No Longer Being Developed

Bad news for those hoping DataViz would pump out DocsToGo, their mobile Office solution that was a staple on Palm OS devices, especially those interested in productivity apps. According to Kathleen McAneany of Dataviz:


We are continuing our efforts to work with Palm to clear the path for a full editing version of Documents To Go. However, given the current environment at Palm, as well as the necessary collaboration with the device manufacturer that is required to bring an app like ours to a platform like webOS, our Documents To Go editor product for webOS is essentially at a standstill.

As soon as we have any additional information, we will inform you immediately.

Thanks for your passion surrounding our solution.

Pressed for more details, Dataviz responded, “we can only work so hard without help from the manufacturer. Tough to write an robust office suite all in javascript.“If I recall, Dataviz was one of the companies that were listed when Palm first announced webOS at CES 09′.┬áIf DocsToGo is no longer an option, where do we go from here?

via PreCentral