Palm To Subsidize 50% Off All App Catalog Apps

Surprising news today coming from a developer webinar hosted by AT&T and Palm. According to one of the slides, Palm will be running a 50% off promotion on all App Catalog apps. Of course this benefits end users, but it also benefits developers who will still see payments based upon the full retail price of their apps. Palm will be subsidizing the promo. For those counting at home, that’s $1 million for the Hot Apps promo ending June 30th, another $1 million for the PDK Hot Apps promo and now this limited time 50% promotion. Palm is certainly doing everything they can to stir up excitement among both developers and end users. The rumored dates for this promotion are June 21st through July 9th.


Source: PreCentral

Palm Kicks Off Developer Podcast

Palm has started a new Podcast series that’s focused on developers. Palm’s Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith kick off the inaugural episode providing an introduction to the mobile development landscape, how Palm fits into it and an overview of the various programs offered.


Palm Introduces Developer Purchase Program

Palm has just let us (via Twitter) know that a new Palm Developer Purchase Program is online. If you are a webOS developer or considering it, you can know purchase phones directly from Palm. We won’t lie, the prices are still a bit high even with the 20% discount, but the alternative is a 2 year contract with your favorite wireless provider. The Palm Pre Plus compatible with Verizon Wireless runs $479.99 minus 20% or roughly $384.


In any event, you can hit Palm up here and receive free 2-day shipping.

Palm webOS PDK Public Beta Now Available

Palm this week will be demonstrating 3D gaming at GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco. As perfect timing would have it, the company has announce the public beta release of webOS PDK or plug-in development kit. For those of you who have checked out Need for Speed or any of the App Catalog 3D games, they were developed using the PDK. With this now available, this should allow for expanded App Catalog offerings. Full press release after the break. Developers can find more information and download the PDK by hitting up


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Palm Showcases ‘Ares’ webOS Development Tool

Palm today showcased a new webOS development tool known as Ares. Ares is a web based development environment designed to make it easy for developers to write applications for webOS.

Ares will give developers another way to write WebOS applications and will allow fast development through a drag-and-drop interface, Palm said. It’s designed to help Web developers make the leap to becoming mobile developers, said Michael Abbott, senior vice president of application software and services at Palm. Ares will be available by year’s end through the WebOS developer site.

It won’t require any downloads or configuration, Abbott said. The environment includes debugging and a mechanism for developers to share libraries and APIs (application programming interfaces), Abbott said.

Palm showcased Ares at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, where a Palm engineer created a Flickr search application using the new development tool. Ares will work on Firefox and Safari web browsers.

[via PC World]

Palm Offering Early Access to 1.3.1 To Preware?

A few days ago, we mentioned that some developers would be gaining early access to future versions of Palm’s webOS. The idea behind the move was to allow developers an opportunity to update their application to a version compatible with the latest version of webOS. Nothing worse than finding your favorite apps incompatible with a new OS to dampen the excitement of new update. Although nothing official has been announced, our friends at Pre|Central have been talking about a mythical 1.3.1 update. WebOS Internals, developers of the non-sanctioned Preware, has a complete listing of tweaks that are listed as 1.3.1 versions.


Is Palm offering early developer access to Preware to make sure all those precious hacks and tweaks work with the latest webOS update?  If webOS 1.3.1 is a reality, when can we expect this new update? Will it contain a speedier UI that’s been promised.

Palm To Offer Early Access to Future webOS Updates

Palm has been releasing regular updates to webOS and at times this can cause compatibility issues with apps. This of course sends developers scrambling to update their application to a version that’s compatible with the latest build of webOS. To make the process smoother, both for developers and end users, Palm is looking to offer developer’s access to early builds of webOS updates, before they are released to the public.

Developers interested should contact Palm’s Developer Community Manager, Chuq von Rospach. Also of note in this post is the removal of download numbers to end users. Von Rospach points to Preware and homebrew to re-enable this feature.

Palm must be very selective when choosing who gets early builds or  they will end up like a similar situation as RIM, whose various unreleased BlackBerry OS builds can be found floating on RapidShare and other services.

[vai PreCentral]

Developing webOS Apps for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi

Palm has updated their developer blog to let us know that developers don’t have much to worry about when developing for the Palm Pixi. Despite the Palm Pixi having a different resolution than the Palm Pre (320×400 vs 320×480), Palm assures developers that “developing for the Pixi is the same as developing for the Pre”.

The display resolution difference, however, will mostly affect apps that are designed to fill the entire screen instead of scrolling to reach additional content and elements. If your app works this way, you will have to approach its layout with flexibility in mind if it is to work well on both Pre and Pixi.

Palm encourages developers to run it in the Palm Emulator that shipped with the Mojo SDK and the company promised to have specific guidance regarding development for both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

As a note to developers, you are welcome to submit your apps for beta testing here at EverythingPre. Shoot us an email if you have any interest.

[via Palm Developer Network]

Geniutech Releases MobiOne Palm Pre Emulator

Palm developer Geniutech has released a Palm Pre version of MobiOne, the company’s emulator and developer environment app for Windows. The app allows developers to leverage their Web development skills to build Palm Pre web-based apps. According to Genuitech, “learning new programming languages and processes for popular devices is unnecessary.”


MobiOne is compatible with Windows XP/Vista and it is available as a free download.

[via Palm Developer Blog]