Fight: Palm Pre Plus vs Droid Incredible

These online polls are a great way to get everybody’s fan base in a tizzy and certainly a good traffic driver for the good folks at Laptop Mag. In any event, we’ll play along. You know the routine. Palm Pre Plus vs Droid Incredible. Vote below to show’em who’s boss.

Verizon Offering Palm Pre Plus for $29.99

Verizon is looking to amp up sales of the Palm Pre Plus and have initiated yet another price cut, bring the Palm Pre Plus to $29.99 (with a 2-year contract agreement). This also includes 5G of the spectacular MobileHotspot service for free. There is no phone on the market that currently offers carrier supported wireless tethering.


This latest price drop should help move inventory, but competition within Verizon Wireless stores is going to get tougher with the release of the Droid Incredible.

Those comfortable with ordering a phone online can locate the Palm Pre Plus at Amazon for $0.01.

via PreCentral