HP To Clear Out Supply Inventory With 100,00 to 200,000 TouchPad Run

We had heard that HP was going to make one last run of TouchPads and that appears to be in the tune of 100,000 to 200,000 units. Digitimes reports that HP will look to smooth over relations with part suppliers by ordering up one final round. If you missed one in the first firesale, the latest production should mean more TouchPads sometime in October.

At $99 and $149 price points, these will sell out faster than the original batch. The 16GB TouchPad costs HP $297 to build. Anytime you sell a product at one third the cost, chances are that it will sell quite well.

If you are looking to score one of these, do yourself a favor and follow @everythingpre for notifications on stock. We’ll pass along the information on availability as soon as possible.

Source: PreCentral

Everything webOS Podcast Episode: 0.5 “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Podcast “

Despite covering Palm for the better part of the last 10 years (here at everythingpre and prior to that at everythingtreo), we’ve never had a podcast. Given all the madness happening with webOS over the past week, we took time out of our weekly everythingiCafe iPhone podcast to talk about what’s been happening with Palm|HP. Think of it as the everythingpre webOS Podcast Episode #0.5. No punches were pulled during the taping of this podcast. As long as you are not expecting sunshines and rainbows, we’d welcome you to give a listen. The fun starts at the 32 minute mark. Listen below, download direct or pick us up in your favorite store of choice.

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Christopher Meinck @meinck

Marianne Schultz @emschultz

This Week’s Topics

Dude, where’s my HP TouchPad?

Dude, where's my TouchPad

Did you join the hundreds of thousands of  deal seeking, tablet-hungry consumers flocking to online retailers to purchase the $99 HP TouchPad? Have you received a confirmation or worse yet, an email notifying you that you won’t be getting your TouchPad? We’re seeing reports that OnSale along with Barnes and Noble were retailers guilty of overselling. Our very own orders at HP from late Friday night have yet to ship and Office Max is showing our TouchPad as on backorder. It seems that Best Buy, who was late to the party, was the only retailer to absolutely nail it. Kudos to them and their online inventory system. If you missed out on the initial batch, it does appear that HP is going to have additional stock. Your best bet is to sign up for notifications and you might want to consider following us @everythingpre on Twitter for any in-stock updates.

How was your fire sale experience? Let us know in the comments.

HP Touchstone TouchPad Charger $50 Shipped at HP Store

The HP Touchstone TouchPad charger is a bit of luxury accessory when purchased at it’s full retail price of $79.99. This even more so considering the HP TouchPad is priced at a ridiculously low $99. HP has lowered the price on HP TouchPad accessories by 20%, bringing the Touchstone charger to $55.99, with free shipping. If you add coupon code ‘SAVE15HP’, it will shave an additional $15 off the price. It will bring you below the threshold for free shipping, but you can either add paper or enjoy a healthy savings over the retail price. With tax, shipping and discounts, the HP Touchstone Charging Dock can be had for $50 shipped.

HP Touchstone Charging Dock

HP TouchPad 64GB Sort Of Introduced

Over at PreCentral, they spotted a 64GB white HP TouchPad on HP France’s landing page. The new model features 64GB of storage , a faster 1.5Ghz processor and comes in white. The site lists the new model as ‘coming soon‘ and apparently that’s within the next 1-2 weeks. PreCentral reached out to HP and they provided a statement as to availability.

HP TouchPad 64GB


“This week, we have started introducing Pre3 in EMEA, and will also be debuting our 64GB TouchPad in the region. With more memory, a faster processor and available in gloss white, HP is excited to add this product to our TouchPad line and will announce regions and pricing closer to availability.”

Scratching your head as to what’s behind the new Euro-stealth marketing strategy? You are not alone.

Source: HP France via PreCentral

HP Makes It Right Part Deux, $50 Credit for Early Adopters

For those of you who took advantage of HP’s $50 “make it right” rebate on the TouchPad, you might feel some sting from the recent deals on the HP TouchPad. HP has not forgotten about you and they are making things right yet again. Those who purchased the HP TouchPad between July 1st and August 4th will receive a $50 credit for the App Catalog. Details will be forthcoming in an email next week.

Source: Palm’s Blog

Editorial: HP running out of second chances with webOS

It’s August 5th, a little over one month since the release of the HP TouchPad. Announced in February, there has been a slow march of hype surrounding the first tablet with webOS. We’ve seen this before with the original Pre launch. This time was going to be different. It was also an opportunity for HP to flex their marketing muscle beyond that of the cash-strapped Palm. Despite their best efforts, it hasn’t translated into an acceptable sales number. In what can be seen only as a last ditch effort, today we have seen a plethora of deep discounts. Woot, normally reserved for products that are on their way out, is one of many including HP themselves offering $100 plus off the HP TouchPad. Surely, this isn’t what HP management meant when they said the TouchPad would be number 1 plus. What’s happened since the February introduction of these new products and where do they take webOS from here?

HP webOS second chances

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HP TouchPad Update Rolling Out This Morning

According to a tweet from HP”s Richard Kerris, TouchPad owners can expect a software update sometime early today. No word yet on what’s included in the update. We’re hoping that HP addresses the lag issue plaguing webOS owners since its infancy and one of the main issues we touched upon in our HP TouchPad review. We’ll keep on eye on the changelog once it’s release to see if they’ve managed to rewrite the CSS3 to be GPU accelerated in webOS update 3.0.2.


Simply the best implementation of multitasking on any platform

Own a TouchPad? Receive the update? Let us know how it’s working for you.

Source: @richardkerris via @joshuatopolsky

HP TouchPad Review

Roughly a year after HP purchased Palm, they have descended upon the tablet wars with the release of the HP TouchPad. Offered in both 16GB and 32GB configurations, the HP Touch in its current iteration is WiFi only. HP has just recently announced a 4G TouchPad that will also come with 32GB of storage and will also see its processor bumped to 1.5Ghz. At the core of this product is HP webOS, software that relies heavily on gestures and swipes, which makes it a natural fit as a tablet operating system. Read on for our HP TouchPad review.

HP TouchPad Review

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HP webOS Roadmap Details 64GB White TouchPad, Pre 3 This Fall

According to PreCentral, who have come across a leaked product briefing, there will be a new 64GB white HP TouchPad in August. This isn’t simply a color change combined with upgraded storage. This is rumored to have a dual core 1.5Hgz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an upgrade over the processor found in the TouchPad released a mere 3 days ago.

Also on the TouchPad front is a model that supports AT&T’s 4G network (which really isn’t 4G, but we’ll go along with it). That model will be black glossy and have the same specs as the current 32GB model.

The smaller 7 inch TouchPad, codenamed Opal, will find it’s way into retails stores later this fall.

Finally, the HP Pre 3 is listed as coming this fall. HP has consistently said the HP Pre 3 would be coming this summer.

via PreCentral