HP TouchPad QuickSpecs Leak, June 12th Launch Date?

An apparent document titled “QuickSpecs” has found it’s way to the Interwebs. While the document itself doesn’t offer any new product information, it does include a version date.

HP TouchPad QuickSpecs

Worldwide – Version 1.0 – June 12, 2011

Now HP likely put this information sheet together to begin sales to enterprise customers, which sounds logical. To us, we interpret this document to read, “The first HP TouchPad will be released worldwide on June 12th”.

Wishful thinking or could this really be happening in less than 2 weeks?

PreCentral via Worldwide Tech

Palm Pre Books Coming This Fall

If you are the type that enjoys a thorough guide on all things Pre, then you might want to check out one of the upcoming books that detail all things Palm Pre. Palm Pre for Dummies will be released on October 19th and it’s authored by Engadget’s Associate Mobile Editor Chris Zeigler, who also penned the “T-Mobile G1 for Dummies”.


In what appears to be the first Palm Pre book for end users, Palm Pre “The Missing Manual” by USA Today’s Ed Baig is scheduled to be published on September 2nd.


Given the changes we’ve seen with webOS updates, we’re not sure if this will affect some of the information contained in the book. Still, all in all, these books will likely contain a soup to nuts look at webOS for just $16.49.

For more information, you can find both Palm Pre “The Missing Manual” and “Palm Pre for Dummies” at Amazon. Of course to get the latest information from a band of experts, head on over to our Palm Pre forums.

[via PreThinking]