MotionApps Stops ‘Classic’ Development, Hands Source Code To Palm

MotionApps, the company behind the PalmOS emulator ‘Classic’, has decided to stop development and sales of their app immediately. According to their blog, the decision was based upon the removal of Classic’s ROM in webOS 2.0, which is necessary for it to work.
MotionApps Classic

The company issued the following statement:

We are sad to announce that Palm has removed Classic’s ROM from the new webOS 2.0 device ROM which will result in Classic not working if utilized with Palm’s new webOS 2.0.

This is contrary to our agreement with Palm and was done without our approval or consent. Based on this action, MotionApps will immediately stop selling Classic. However, as a courtesy to our clients, we will continue to support existing Classic customers on webOS 1.x for the immediate future.

Be that as it may, we believe in PalmOS and we want to do what we can to help Palm succeed in their future endeavors. So we decided to hand over the entire Classic source code and all of our accompanying IP to Palm so that Palm can do what they want to do with Classic and make it available with webOS 2.0.

Palm now has all the pieces to manage and control Classic’s future.

Thank you all who supported us along the way and who love PalmOS the way we do.

MotionApps Team

The onus on supporting ‘Classic’ now falls in the hands of Palm. webOS 2.0 is a major upgrade, but owners of ‘Classic’ might find themselves on the fence if there is no support for their legacy PalmOS apps.

How about you? Something more important that Diddlebug has you hooked on Classic and stop you from upgrading to webOS 2.0 until there is ‘Classic’ support.

MotionApps via @webOSInternals

Classic going green, on sale

If you are looking to run Palm OS apps on your webOS device, Classic by MotionApps is the de facto application when running legacy Palm apps. To celebrate Earth Day (which is today), MotionApps is running a limited time Classic Going Green promotion. Classic, normally priced at $29.99, is now available for $19.99. If you’ve got a desire to run all those great Palm OS apps on your webOS device, you’d likely want to jump on this offer. They offer a fully-functional test drive and it’s not clear if the promotion price ends tonight.


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