Palm Pre over-clocked to 1.2GHz

That man unixpsycho is at it again, and this time has released his latest in ‘bleeding edge’ overclocking kernels, cranking the Pre up to a staggering 1.2GHz. Code named ‘SR71 Blackbird’, this new kernel also supports a new CPU temperature monitoring code, so if the CPU reaches 55°C the kernel will automatically scale down the speed of your device to 500MHz. At present, this latest experimental kernel only supports the ‘screenstate’ governor, meaning when the screen is off it’ll scale to the set minimum and with the screen on it’ll scale to the set maximum.

As with all testing/experimental/bleeding edge kernels, this is NOT for the faint hearted and should not be used on a device that you depend on on a daily basis, just in case something goes wrong and you require the use of a PC to doctor. Even more so with this particular kernel; this really is pushing the extreme limits of the OMAP 3430 chipset, and as this is in a very alpha stage of testing at the moment I would recommend that if you are new to over-clocking, to wait until this has been tested out by those brave enough. As unixpsycho says “DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF YOU LIKE YOUR PHONE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!’. So if you’re sitting comfortably, and accept the warnings given, then buckle up and prepare for some serious speed!

nb I strongly recommend you read and re-read the forum topic on the below link to understand what you are getting in to before you attempt installing this.

Source:  SR71 Blackbird | | Forums