Super PreKernel Released, Makes Palm Pre Fly Like Superman

A few weeks back, we reported on the patches that allowed you to overclock the processor on the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus. At the time, Palm issued a statement saying that it wasn’t recommended. That hasn’t stopped countless individuals, who aware of the risks, blasted through the 500MHz boundary. Two industrious hackers over at PreCentral have now made it easy as pie to overclock your Palm Pre or Palm Pre Plus. The release of Super PreKernel allows you to select from 550, 600, 720 or the mighty 800MHz. Disclaimers abound (it will void your warranty, etc), but if you’re looking to go fast, SuperPre Kernel aims to do just that.

via Engadget

Palm Warns Against Overclocking Your Palm Pre

Palm, via their developer blog, issued a warning regarding the overclocking patches that are now available for the Palm Pre. Simply put, they don’t recommend it and you’ll void your warranty if you fry your Palm Pre. To our knowledge, this hasn’t happened yet. Overclocking in general usually means you’re limiting the life of your {insert device name}. It could mean days, weeks or months off the life of your Palm Pre. Is it worth the risk? That’s up to you, but let us know if your Palm Pre starts to sizzle. Their official statement:

Palm is working hard to improve the speed and performance of webOS, as shown in our recent 1.4 update. While we appreciate the effort the webOS community has put forth to try and help us along that path, the use of this application is neither endorsed nor recommended by Palm and will likely result in a voided warranty. Palm encourages webOS users to let Palm release official updates that provide safe, reliable, over-the-air features that improve their device in a number of areas, as we have in the past at a rate of approximately once per month.


via PreCentral