App Catalog Gets Three New Apps

Palm’s App Catalog now features three new applications, two of which are games.  Spades is based on the popular card game and allows for four game variants (parnter, solo, suicide, mirror).  Like others in the beta App Catalog, Spades is free but appears to be the first webOS app that is supported by advertising. Blackout is of the puzzle variety, where you must turn lights on/off.


Finally, Chapura’s Echo for Palm Desktop 6.2.2 is a synchronization solution for the Palm Pre. Features include:

  • Reliable two-way Palm Desktop Address Book and Date Book Synchronization
  • Local WiFi Synchronization

Chapura’s Echo software retails for $29.95, but they do offer a 7 day trial. For more information, contact Chapura.

Palm Desktop for Windows Vista Released

Palm Desktop for Vista has shed the beta tag and is available as a free download from Palm.

What’s New in Palm Desktop for Vista

  • Integrated Desktop: Provides a single desktop and conduit compatibility across all Palm OS 3.5.x through 5.4.x devices.
  • Enterprise Friendly HotSync Enhancements: HotSync Manager 7.0 is a standalone application, and no longer requires Palm Desktop to be installed on the computer. All user management functionality has been moved into HotSync Manager 7.0 Migration Tools: the installer checks for the latest settings and reports any known incompatibilities with third-party software.
  • Multilingual Support: Localized in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • Install Tool: The Install Tool, which replaces the “Palm Quick Install” tool, allows you to sync .prc and .pdb files (Palm OS applications and databases) to your device. See note about Palm Quick Install Tool under “What’s NOT in this software?” below.
  • Outlook 2007 synchronization: Allows you to use your USB sync cable to synchronize with Outlook 2007’s Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. This version includes all previously released patches such as the Outlook 2007 Update.

This latest version does have a few features that were included in previous versions:

  • Palm Quick Install Tool: The Palm Quick Install Tool has been replaced by the Install Tool, which lets you install applications onto your device through HotSync.
  • VersaMail HotSync synchronization: You will not be able to synchronize email through the USB sync cable. Wireless email synchronization, including Exchange ActiveSync for Outlook accounts, is not affected by this limitation.
  • Birthdays and Anniversary reminders that appear in the Calendar on your Palm device will not appear in the Calendar in the Palm Desktop application.
  • Color coding of events in the Calendar is no longer supported.
  • 64-bit Editions of Windows Vista are not supported.

One final note, you may need to re-install third-party applications.

Palm Desktop for Vista is available from Palm.

The Missing Sync for Palm OS Now Leopard Compatible

Mark/Space has announced the release of a Leopard-compatible update for The Missing Sync for Palm OS, version 6.0.2.

Version 6.0.2 includes updates that improve the functionality of The Missing Sync for Palm OS when used with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. And, whether you are using Leopard or Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, version 6.0.2 also provides a number contact and calendar synchronization enhancements and support for the Palm Centro.

All Leopard-compatible Missing Sync updates are available as free downloads for customers of most current versions. Upgrades from previous versions and other qualifying Mark/Space products are $24.95. To get an update, either select the Check for Update command from the Missing Sync menu in the application or visit Mark/Space, where you will also find links to release notes and Leopard usage known issues.

Palm Desktop Beta for Vista Released

Palm has released Palm Desktop 6.2 Beta adding support for Windows Vista users.

Palm Vista support

This software is currently in beta and at the present time, it does have some limitations.

  • This version of Palm Desktop does NOT include Palm Quick Install Tool or VersaMail synchronization.
  • You must uninstall previous versions. This version is intended for Windows Vista users.
  • Palm Desktop 6.2 beta is only available in English.

Palm Desktop 6.2 Beta is compatible with the Treo 755p, Treo 700p, Treo 680 and Treo 650 and is available as a free download from Palm. End users are encouraged
to provide Palm with feedback to help improve the quality of the software.