Palm To Debut Palm Pixie This Week?

According to Tech Crunch, a source close to the company expects Palm to introduce the second webOS device codenamed the Palm Pixie, also known as the Palm Eos. Rumors had the Palm Eos being available for the holidays, but to date there has been no official word from Palm.


The Palm Eos/Pixie will of course run webOS and has been rumored at a price point of $99. Most expect it will debut on AT&T’s network and possibly Sprint. Earlier this summer, the Palm Pixie also showed up on AT&T’s roadmap.

The timing is rather curious given tomorrow’s Apple event and Thursday’s Motorola event. Perhaps Palm is once again looking to steal some thunder from their competitors. The flip side of course is the potential to get lost in the mix as a large number of tech journalists are on the left coast. We’ll be in NYC on Thursday to meet with Palm, so we’ll provide all the information that we can on the new device.

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Rumor: New Palm Phones In Sprint Inventory System

The folks at Pre|Central have been sent a screenshot of  Sprint’s inventory system that indicates two new Palm phones. The Palm 120 and Palm C40 appear with a price of $1, which one would assume is a placeholder. Joining these two is the Palm 100 which is the shipping Pre and a few models of the Centro.


Just a few days ago, we saw the P100 and P121 crop up in Verizon’s inventory system.  This led us to believe that Verizon would be picking up the Palm Pre and perhaps the Palm Eos. If the P121/P120 is the Palm Eos, then what is the Palm C40?

Rumor: Palm Pre Spotted In Verizon Inventory Database

A tipster revealed screenshots from Verizon’s Inventory database and it certainly appears to us that the Palm Pre is on it’s way to Verizon. The database shows two devices codenamed P101 and P121. The Sprint roadmap had used codename P100, so it’s plausible that the P101 is Verizon’s Palm Pre.


The P121 is likely another webOS device and perhaps the Palm Eos.

Unfortunately, there are no release dates, but things are certainly shaping up for Verizon customers looking to get their hands on a webOS device.

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New Low Cost webOS Device Coming By Holidays

According to Macquarie Research analyst Phil Cusick, Palm is likely to introduce a new, low-cost webOS device in time for the holidays.


The Palm Eos, codenamed Pixie, has been rumored to be shipping to Palm in volume sometime in October. The device would likely hit AT&T and one could speculate that a $99 price tag could place in direct competition with the $99 iPhone 3G. Apple has been rumored to be discontinuing the 8GB iPhone 3G and possibly replacing that model with an 8G iPhone 3GS.

Should make for an interesting fall season in smartphones.

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Palm Eos Shipping in October for 2010 Release?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Palm Eos, the rumored follow-up webOS device to the Palm Pre. DigiTimes reported that 400,00 Palm Eos devices would be shipping to Palm in October, contrary to an analyst report that the Eos had been pushed back to 2010. If you recall, the Palm Eos found itself on a leaked AT&T presentation with a Q4 release date. Now comes word via an anonymous tipster who has told Pre|Central that there seems to be a little bit of truth in both reports.


According to the report, the Palm Eos will being shipping to Palm in October, but roughly 80,000 units will be shipped and subsequent shipments of the same size will follow in the months after. Now there is no word on whether Palm will make the Q4 release date, so speculation that 2010 is looking more and more like the release timeframe for the Palm Eos. It appears the Palm Eos will land on AT&T first, to be followed by Sprint. This makes perfect sense, as a Palm Eos release on Sprint would cause competition for Palm’s very own Pre.

There is a Palm webOS device in the pipeline, but perhaps the picture will get clearer as we move forward into Q4.

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Rumor: Palm Eos Shipping To Palm In October

According to Chinese news publication DigiTimes, the Palm Eos will be shipped in volume to Palm in October. The story claims that volume shipments will eclipse 400,00 units in the fourth quarter. This is contrary to a sketchy report that surfaced Monday claiming the Eos was pushed to 2010.


The Palm Eos (codenamed Palm Pixie) is the front facing QWERTY webOS device that is reportedly headed to AT&T this year and possibly Sprint next year.  The Palm Eos could hit with sub-$100 pricing, effectively replacing the Palm Centro.

An App Catalog in full swing and a $99 webOS device available through AT&T could make for a good holiday season for prospective smartphone buyers and more importantly Palm.

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