Verizon Showcases Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus in Summer Catalog

Verizon’s summer catalog has been leaked and it’s good to see that Big Red is still committed to promoting Palm’s dynamic duo. Both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are prominently featured next to Motorola’s Droid tandem and a duo of Blackberry devices. With the free mobile hot spot, Verizon’s Palm webOS phones still represent one of the best values in wireless.

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AT&T Survey Pitches Address Book, Speaks In Code

AT&T has been sending out surveys to new smartphone customers. Having just purchased a Palm Pixi Plus (and then a Palm Pre Plus), I was included in the survey. The survey started by asking me to confirm if I recently purchased a Palm Elan (P121UNA). Most hardcore Palm fans will know this refers to the Palm Pixi Plus, but this question will likely will have consumers scratching their head asking, “What’s a Palm Elan?”. My curiousity was piqued as to what information AT&T was attempting to glean from the survey.

As I proceed through the survey, I was asked a littany of questions regarding AT&T’s Address Book service. I have no shortage of smartphones, but this was the first I had heard of this service. There is no charge and it apparently backs up your contacts to the cloud. I thoughtto myself, what a novel idea. Then I remembered that I just purchased a Palm Pre Plus. With my existing Palm Profile in place, all my contacts and apps were already in place by the time I left the AT&T store. When I moved from the Pixi Plus to the Pre Plus, it took me all of 10 minutes to sign into my profile and have all my contacts in place.

In theory, the AT&T Address Book sounds like a good service, if it were not for a duplication of what Palm owners already have with the Palm Profile. I have yet to sign up for the service, but I’m considering it. My Palm Profile has yet to fail me, but you can never have too many backups. Both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are supported and there is no charge. For more information, you can check out AT&T.

Anyone using this service? How’s it working for you?

Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Accessory Sale at Verizon Wireless

If you missed out on the Radio Shack Palm accessory sale, you’ve got another chance to score a great deal on accessories for both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus. Verizon Wireless has incredible pricing on accessory bundles for both webOS phones.

Palm Pre Plus:

  • Touchstone Charger, Vehicle Charger: $19.96
  • Touchstone Charger, Vehicle Charger, and Case: $24.95

Palm Pixi Plus:

  • Touchstone Charger and Rear Cover: $9.97
  • Touchstone Charger, Rear Cover, Vehicle Power Charger: $19.96

You don’t necessarily have to have a Verizon branded Palm device in order to take advantage of this sale. Also, these prices include free overnight shipping.

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HP Offering Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus Free on Contract

As we noted, HP did not waste any time getting the line of webOS phones and accessories on their site once the deal was finalized. The company also has a special promotion on webOS phones going on now through July 7th. For a limited time, you can get a Palm Pre Plus (AT&T, Verizon) or a Palm Pixi Plus (AT&T, Verizon) for free with a new account or new line of service. For AT&T lines, you’ll also have the activation fee waived. It doesn’t end there. Palm Pre Plus customers receive an accessory kit that includes:

  • Premium In-Vehicle Charger
  • Axiom Premium Genuine Leather Case
  • Renegade Mini Bluetooth Headset

You can find these promotions at HP.

Mark Space Releases Update to The Missing Sync for Palm Pre

Mark/Space has released version 1.2 of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre. The new version now synchronizes notes and tasks between a webOS phone, such as Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, and a Windows PC or Mac computer. For those of you who run Windows, version 1.2 includes a built-in ringtone editor, a feature previously available in the Mac version only. The update is available for free if you currently own a license. The Missing Sync for Palm Pre retails for $39.95.


webOS 1.4.5 Coming Soon, Possible Delay for AT&T Users

We’re a bit behind on this one, but in case you haven’t heard, webOS 1.4.5 is coming real soon. The big news for Palm Pixi owners will be the ability to play PDK (Plug-in Development Kit) games, so now you’ll have access to all the great 3D games that were previously available only for the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus. We expect a steady flow of PDK games hitting the App Catalgo when the second Hot Apps contest launches July 1st.

Carrier testing for webOS 1.4.5 is almost finished, with one carrier needing a minor bug fix. AT&T is reportedly pushing back on releasing the update so soon after the launch of webOS devices on their network. To us, this makes absolutely no sense. The beauty of webOS is the ability to push OTA (over-the-air) updates that result in a more stable phone and often new features. If you purchased a Palm Pixi Plus from AT&T, then you’ll want this update for the 3D gaming.

The new release of webOS will be the last major update before a major update in the fall.

Source: PreCentral

Report Lists Palm Pixi As Having High SAR Levels

A recent report entitled “Get a Safer Phone” from The Environmental Working Group has tagged the Palm Pixi as having one of the highest SAR ratings. Cellphones emit radiation to send voice and text messages. The Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) is a measure of how much radiation is absorbed by the body when the phone is sending a signal to the network. EWG has ranked the Sprint Palm Pixi among the worst phones for emitting high radiation. Joining the Palm Pixi were a host of BlackBerry devices including the BlackBerry 8820 and the new BlackBerry 9700. The FCC limit for SAR is 1.6 and this organization found the Pixi to be rated at 1.56w/kg SAR level when held to your ear. For those wondering, the BlackBerry 8820 was ranked as the worst with a 1.58w/kg SAR level. Conversely, the Palm Pre had a much lower 0.94 SAR rating placing it near the bottom and making it a safer phone.


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AT&T Palm Pixi Plus Available Today, Priced at $50 or Free

The diminutive Palm Pixi Plus is officially available today on AT&T Wireless. You can find the Palm Pixi Plus at your local AT&T retail store or online. AT&T is selling the Palm Pixi Plus with black Touchstone compatible backplate for $49.99 after an instant $100 rebate. You can save yourself $50 and have zero out of pocket costs if you select the Palm Pixi Plus with the AT&T blue back.


Those of you who are mid-contract or don’t like commitments, you can purchase the Palm Pixi Plus outright for $299.

UPDATE: If you prefer black, Amazon has the new Palm Pixi Plus for AT&T for free.

Early June Launch for AT&T Palm Pixi Plus

The Palm Pre Plus will be available on AT&T this Sunday, priced at $149.99 (with standard 2-year agreement and a $100 debit card). That left us scratching our head as to when it’s partner, the Palm Pixi Plus would be released. These two normally release as a pair, but the Palm Pixi Plus was noticeably missing from the social network announcement. Now comes word from EngadgetMobile, who tells us to expect the Palm Pixi Plus on June 6th. It will be priced at $49.99 after rebate.


We’re just going to say it. $150 out the door with a $100 MIR debit card isn’t going to help their efforts move phones when they have to compete against a $99 iPhone 3G, $199 iPhone 3GS or the forthcoming yet-to-be announced iPhone HD. Not to mention, you can pick up a Verizon Palm Pixi Plus for free and that comes with a free mobile hotspot. Nothing is official yet, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear from Palm, AT&T or their respective Facebook walls.

What happened to the Palm Pixi Plus on AT&T?

For weeks, AT&T has been promoting both the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus as coming soon. Last week, a leaked slide provided details on the Palm Pre Plus launch, details which became official today via Facebook. We’re a bit old school in our preference for a standard press release in our inbox, but then you miss out on exchanges between consumers and company. One of those consumers asked the question on our minds, “Does the Palm Pixi Plus come out on the 16th as well?”


AT&T:  “We don’t have exact details to share on when the Palm Pixi Plus is coming out, but we’ll let you know right here.”

Sounds non-committal and we’re wondering if the Palm Pixi Plus might not see the light of day on the network. One could say that will keep AT&T staff focused on just one webOS device, but we just don’t know.

What about you? Were you waiting on the Palm Pixi Plus or is the Palm Pre Plus that truly desire?