Palm Offering Development Phones At 20% Over Retail

Say what? Palm’s developer portal is selling the AT&T Palm Pre Plus at 20% off the MSRP of $599.99 which ends up totaling $479.99. Of course, that’s 20% over the $399 no-committment price available from AT&T. Both phones are locked to AT&T, so we don’t see why you’d want to drop $80 extra.


UPDATE: Palm has confirmed to us via Twitter that a pricing update is in the works.


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AT&T Palm Pre Plus Review

The Palm Pre Plus on AT&T represents the first GSM webOS device to be available in the US. Outside of the SIM card, the Palm Pre Plus looks identical to the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. More significantly for Palm, that makes webOS devices available on all major US carriers (save for T-Mobile) which includes Verizon, Sprint and now AT&T.


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Palm Pre Plus Now Available on AT&T

As of today, the Palm Pre Plus is available at AT&T Wireless retail stores and online. The Palm Pre Plus retails for $149.99 (after a $100 mail-in rebate) and requires a 2-year agreement. AT&T Wireless online appears to be selling the Palm Pre Plus for a straight $149.99, with no mail-in rebate. Those of you looking for a no-committment Palm Pre Plus, it’s priced at $399. It’s not unlocked and can only be used on AT&T. It does not however require any sort of contract agreement.

Anyone pick up their Palm Pre Plus from AT&T today? Get your free Touchstone? Let us know in the comments.

AT&T Palm Pre Plus Unboxing Video

It comes out tomorrow, but join us today as we unbox the Palm Pre Plus for AT&T. Give us a few days to put it through the paces and expect a full review. If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in our Palm Pre forums.

It’s Official, Palm Pre Plus on AT&T May 16th, priced at $149.99

According to AT&T’s Facebook page (traditional PR be damned), the Palm Pre Plus will be available on May 16th, priced at $149.99 after rebate with a 2-year agreement. If you purchase the Palm Pre Plus in a corporate owned AT&T store, you’ll receive a free Touchstone.

Still no mention of the Palm Pixi Plus, which we noted was absent from the AT&T launch slide leaked last week. If we receive any word on the Palm Pixi from Palm or AT&T, we’ll pass it along.

Who’s jumping at the fern laden AT&T Palm Pre Plus on the 16th?


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Palm Pre Plus on AT&T Launches May 16th

After much speculation and a rather long way since the announcement, we’ve got May 16th as an official release date for the Palm Pre Plus. The news comes via an internal equipment brief sent to Engadget. Where not sure if it’s on a separate slide, but there is no mention of the Palm Pixi Plus.


Also missing is the price of the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. Our recent poll suggests the Palm Pre Plus should be priced at $49.99, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a higher number initially. This will be the first time Palm will go head to head on a carrier against the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS is priced at $199.99 and the very capable iPhone 3G clocks in at $99.


Can You Find Me Now?

Interesting find by the sleuths over at PreCentral. A number of Verizon webOS owners have reported issues with GPS, location based apps providing less than stellar results. These applications often rely on a combination of data from both GPS and aGPS, the latter being dependent upon your wireless carrier who provides location using their infrastructure. aGPS is often faster than GPS. When combined, location based apps like Foursquare are going to be immeasurable better, since they rely on accurate data of your location.


Palm has confirmed that Verizon has a proprietary aGPS system and third party applications do not have access to aGPS on Palm devices. Palm’s developer page for GPS provides more details:

Some carriers may not support, or may limit access to, Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) for location services. This can dramatically increase the time necessary for an initial position fix. This can be mitigated to some extent by choosing the parameters “responseTime:1″ and “accuracy:3” when requesting position information. These settings, when combined with Google Services, will return a low-resolution fix within 30 seconds in most environments. Once the low resolution fix is acquired, updating the location using ‘responseTime:3’ and ‘accuracy:1’ will provide a high resolution location fix when available.

It’s not quite clear why Verizon does not provide support for aGPS to third party applications on Palm devices or if they provide support on other platforms including Android. What is clear is that the lack of aGPS support on Verizon Palm webOS phones is a kick in the location based services.

AT&T Palm Pre in the wild, charts a course for May 14th

The AT&T Palm Pre Plus was spotted at “in the wild” at an AT&T store. According to PreCentral, the Palm Pre Plus was running webOS 1.4.2 and they cite FCC documents as a reason why May 10th might be the release date. We’ve yet to confirm that date, but we’ve noticed some activity which suggests it’s coming real soon and May 10th looks like a potential release date.


UPDATE: That source claims May 14th is the release date. Thanks Akitayo!

What would you price the AT&T Palm Pre Plus?

For those who call AT&T their carrier of choice, it’s felt like an enternity since Palm made the AT&T Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus official. In that time, plenty has happened, including some significant price drops at Verizon who now sells the Palm Pre Plus for $29.99 with a contract. With a new iPhone on the horizon at AT&T, Verizon getting the next generation Droid Incredible and Sprint ready to break the 4G barrier with the HTC EVO 4G, the market is getting crowded. We know the AT&T Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are coming soon, so we ask you, what would you price the AT&T Palm Pre Plus?


Note: We didn’t include ‘free after rebate’, since you have to reserve a lower price point for the Palm Pixi Plus.

Verizon Offering Palm Pre Plus for $29.99

Verizon is looking to amp up sales of the Palm Pre Plus and have initiated yet another price cut, bring the Palm Pre Plus to $29.99 (with a 2-year contract agreement). This also includes 5G of the spectacular MobileHotspot service for free. There is no phone on the market that currently offers carrier supported wireless tethering.


This latest price drop should help move inventory, but competition within Verizon Wireless stores is going to get tougher with the release of the Droid Incredible.

Those comfortable with ordering a phone online can locate the Palm Pre Plus at Amazon for $0.01.

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