New Mystery Phone Rumored To Be Palm Roteo?

Over the past week or so, there is a photo of a mystery phone making the rounds. It doesn’t bear any brand names or carriers, but does have some similarities to keyboards found on the Palm Centro and new Treo Pro. This clearly a prototype, so I’d hold off on deeming it an ugly duckly. Just car companies like BMW, the actual shipping product will look nothing like this. Of course, that’s assuming we see this product. This is reportedly a new Palm smartphone that is codenamed "Roteo", given the rotating screen.


The new phone has a few promising highlights including a front facing camera and a trackpad that we’d assume supports multi-touch. A quick look at the fingerprint-laden screen confirms this device supports touch screen. We’re assuming this would run Palm OS Nova, Palm’s long awaited next generation OS.


 Just add fuel to the rumor fire, a quick comparison between Palm’s Treo 750 keyboard the mystery phone shows some major similarities when looking at the two keyboards. So, is this a prototype for the next generation of Palm smartphones? Will you be in line if they release a Palm Roteo? Let us know in the comments.

via TC