Palm Treo Pro Coming To Best Buy?

According to a report from BGR, the Palm Treo Pro appears to be headed to the shelves of Best Buy on October 26th. Expect the price to fall in line with the $549 pricing found at Palm, but you now have the convenience of shopping for Palm’s latest Treo at your local Best Buy. As a reminder, the Treo Pro arriving at Best Buy is unlocked and can be used on any GSM carrier. Still awaiting word from Palm on which US carrier who will carry the Treo Pro.


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Treo Pro Suffering From Battery Issues?

There is a report from eWeek’s Andrew Garcia who has found troubling results with respect to talk time on the Treo Pro. According to Garcia, the Treo Pro “could only squeeze out about 2 hours and 40 minutes of talk time when connected at the faster rate on the AT&T network- significantly below the 5 hour rating Palm claims for the device on their specification sheets.

What’s more troubling is that Garcia has had this issue with not one, but two Treo Pro devices. Palm representatives have told Garcia they would never release a phone with battery performance that poor into today’s marketplace and point to other online Treo Pro reviews whereby battery life was not an issue. Our friends at WMExperts found the Treo Pro actually out shined the Treo 800w when it came to battery life, which is pretty significant given the size difference. In our tests, we did note that the Treo 800w battery life could be improved. We have yet to review the Treo Pro, so cannot comment either way on the findings.

Palm has  sent out an engineering team to eWeek’s offices to scan the environment and run tests on AT&T’s network. Palm engineers experienced “unusually high battery consumption” while in the lobby of eWeeks building. Garcia still awaits official word as to their findings, but promises to release his review later this week.

The Treo Pro started shipping last week, so let us know how you are faring with battery life and talk time. Submit your Treo Pro review and let us know how you feel about Palm’s latest effort.

Treo Pro Now Shipping

It looks as if we received some bad intel when we informed you that the Treo Pro would not ship until October. As it turns out, reports have some lucky folks already receiving shipments of the Treo Pro. If you are in the market for Palm’s tour de force Windows Mobile Treo and don’t feel like waiting for AT&T to subsidize the Treo Pro, you can order direct from Palm. Be forewarned, it will set you back $549. In return, you’ll have Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, WiFi all neatly wrapped in Palm’s slimmest Treo to date, just waiting for the SIM card of your choice. If you do take the plunge, let us know what you think by submitting your review of the Treo Pro.

Treo Pro Shipments To Start In Early October

Despite reports to the contrary, pre-orders of the Treo Pro (now available at Palm) will start shipping in the first two weeks of October. The Palm website incorrectly shows the Treo Pro as “In Stock” and “Usually ships in 1-2 days“. If you have pre-ordered the Treo Pro, you’ll have to wait just a few more weeks.


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Telstra Awards Palm Treo Pro Blue Tick of Approval

Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile phone carrier, has awarded their coveted “blue tick” of approval to the Palm Treo Pro. The Palm Treo Pro is the first smartphone to receive the “blue tick”, which is awarded to phones that are tested and recommended for use in rural areas on Telstra’s NextG network.


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First Treo Pro Review Surfaces

When a host of sites received the Treo Pro last week, the various outlets were limited to unboxing ceremonies. It’s expected that a flurry of Treo Pro reviews will hit this week, with Wired getting the jump on the festitivities

The reviewer starts of by referencing the Treo 800w as “upcoming”, a phone that’s been available through Sprint for weeks. The reviewer took issue with the screen of the Treo Pro and found a lack of precision when using the touch screen. On the plus side, Wired found battery life to be excellent and the styling of the device to be “trim, light and pocketable“.

Dumas went on to call  the casing of the Treo Pro “slippery” and “retains more fingerprints than the NSA.”

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Treo Pro Review Mashup

As we predicted this morning, a flurry of Treo Pro reviews hit the wire this afternoon. Here’s a breakdown of what’s being said about Palm’s latest Treo.

In terms of design, performance and non-OS features, this is the best hardware Palm has ever made.Gizmodo  found the battery impressive offering “days of moderate usage between charges“.

If you’re looking for a Windows Mobile phone, I’d strongly consider the Treo Pro, as it has a good balance of design, features and performance for the user.” 

Crunchgear finds the Treo Pro “the best in Windows Mobile“, but cautioned that the hefty price tag could deter adoption. “The Treo for you if you are a business professional forced to use Windows Mobile and you travel quite a bit and hardware price is no object.


The screen on the Treo Pro is flush, but evidently it’s the digitizer which is flush and the screen is still recessed. Antoine Wright of Brighthand found  “this arrangement can be disorienting some times.” Wright found the Treo Pro to offer the best call quality of any phones he has used. He concludes that while the Treo Pro is “a fairly solid device”, it  lacks “the specialness that makes Palm devices is missing here and it feels more like a re-brand than a true Palm product.”

WMExperts Dieter Bohn takes issue with the Centro inspired keyboard on the Treo Pro saying, “It pains me to say it, though, the Treo Pro’s keyboard is the least ‘Pro’ part of the device“, rating it behind the Treo 800w , Motorola Q 9h and BlackBerry Bold . Bohn also found the Treo 800w to outpace the Treo Pro in every day use speed comparisons. Despite the drawbacks, he concludes, “The Treo Pro is easily Palm’s best Treo yet. It finally hits all of the feature checkmarks that users have been clamoring for and does it in a way that’s well-integrated with the hardware.

Palm has yet to provide a release date for the Treo Pro, but it’s expected to be priced at $550 unlocked. 


Rogers To Release Treo Pro In Canada

There are rumors that Rogers will pick up the Palm Treo Pro in Canada, with a release coming on September 17th. Rogers has been picking up steam of late releasing the iPhone 3G and just last week the BlackBerry Bold . When Palm introduced the Treo Pro last week, they confirmed availability through European carriers O2 and Vodafone, with unlocked versions being available in the US. No word yet on pricing, but Rogers has had a history of being heavy handed with their plans.

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Treo Pro Unboxing(s)

Several technology blogs received the Treo Pro over the past few days and for the most part the consensus appears to be overwhelmingly positive. Engadget Mobile was first to receive their Treo Pro and have put together an extensive gallery .

Palm puts a lot of thought into the little pieces of every Treo they product, but none more so than the Treo Pro “, says Dieter Bohn of WMExperts . Bohn, who has perfected the art of unboxing, takes you on a virtual tour inside the Apple-esque packing of the Pro.


Andrew over at Treonauts says, “The Treo Pro looks a bit like a high-tech polished black pebble – a Zen of tranquility on the outside but one that also happens to be bursting with energy inside (thanks to a fast processor, 3G data, WiFi, GPS and a whole lot more).”

There appears to be an embargo date on full reviews, as most sources point to next week for complete reviews. Everything Treo has yet to receive the Treo Pro, but expect a comprehensive review as soon as a review unit is made available.

Treo Pro Video

Palm has released a video overview of the new Treo Pro. As you’ll note in the video, Palm executives seem genuinely excited about this product. How about you? Let us know in the comments or join us in the Treo Pro forum.

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