Palm and Nokia Complete Executive Swap

Last month, Nokia hired Palm’s Peter Skillman, whose position within Palm was VP of Product Design. Today it appears Palm has returned the favor, hiring Air Jaaksi who recently resigned from Nokia’s MeeGo branch. Jaaski will be Palm’s Senior VP of webOS. Jaaski recently left Nokia it was for “personal reasons”.  As All Things D points out, this is code for, “I’ve got a new job at Palm”.

Ari Jaaski

In addition to hiring Jaaski, Palm has also hired Victoria Coleman, who was in charge of Samsung’s R&D Center in San Jose. Coleman will “oversee platform and application development for next-generation versions of webOS”.

There has been plenty of employee shuffling since the acquisition, but it’s certainly refreshing to see Palm add talent.

All Things D via Unwired

webOS 1.4.5 Released for Verizon, AT&T Palm Pre Plus

Thankfully, we saw a unified release of webOS 1.4.5 for both Verizon and AT&T. The update will of course come OTA (over the air), so there’s a good chance it hit your phone last night. Here’s the changelog from Palm for the AT&T update.

Version information

  • Version: webOS 1.4.5
  • Release date: 13 September 2010

New applications

  • NONE

Feature changes to existing applications


  • This release includes minor fixes and enhancements to support the public release of the webOS PDK.
  • This release may require you to update certain apps to their latest version to properly support the launch of the webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK). If you have a game that is not saving your game information correctly (high scores, stages, settings), check the App Catalog for updates. For more information on updating apps, see Using App Catalog .
  • Web

If a user enters text in a field on certain websites, the screen focus now remains on the text being entered.
This release fixes a rare problem so that podcasts now download correctly.

This release addresses several security issues with the Palm webOS software.

Let’s hope that going forward carriers are a little quicker on the take. In any event, get to updating and let us know how webOS 1.4.5 works for you.

App Review: Bad Kitty 1.5

It’s been a while since I first got my hands on this app, it quickly became my weapon of choice for twitter, and I’ve been meaning to give it a review for too long. So, what better time than any since it’s just had a massive update. In fact, ‘massive update’ probably doesn’t even come close to the improvements that SuperinhumanIndustries have brought to the fray with this version release.

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How to improve the Palm App Catalog

The App Catalog has been around for a little less than a year and as of today there are over 3,000 applications. That’s a generous number when you consider the “apps” released by Brighthouse Labs, Appible, AppBookShop and others that help pad this number. Even on the high side, it does not come close to the 200,000 applications in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market that is close to 100,000 apps. From the beginning, Palm has pitched the quality over quantity argument.  At the same time, they most certainly realize the importance of these quantity numbers. Lackluster numbers result in less developer interest and a perception among consumers that Palm’s App Catalog won’t offer enough applications to meet their needs. As we approach the one year anniversary of the App Catalog, here are a few suggestions on how to improve the App Catalog.

Palm App Catalog

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Palm Releases Facebook for Palm webOS 1.2.30 Beta

Palm has updated their Facebook for Palm webOS app to 1.2.30 beta. It’s not available in the App Catalog, but you can hit up this link to have it sent to your phone. The release includes:

  • Support for selectable news feeds
  • Toggling feed comments on/off
  • Clearing multiple notifications at once and many other enhancements

Still in beta, so expect a few surprises. Otherwise, give it a go and let us know how it works for you.

via Palm on Facebook

HP’s Todd Bradley and Palm’s Jon Rubinstein Talk webOS

HP’s Todd Bradley and Palm’s Jon Rubinstein took the stage at Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm tech conference. As one would expect, the focus was on HP’s plans for the future of webOS. Bradley indicated the company’s thinking post-acquisition has been, “how do we proliferate webOS of a family of devices“. HP has plans to release a Windows based slate this fall.  They do have plans to bring webOS to printers, slates and of course smartphones. No dates or confirmation of new hardware was announced although Jon Rubinstein confirmed that Palm has “a great roadmap in place“.

Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Rubinstein also indicated that webOS 2.0 is coming later this year. When questioned about whether a webOS slate would include support for Flash, Rubinstein indicated Palm is working with Adobe and testing Flash with webOS.

The event also had it’s Oprah moment, with Todd Bradley informing the crowd they would all receive a free AT&T Palm Pre Plus with 90 days of free service.

Winner of our ZAGG Invisible Shield for Palm Pre Giveaway

Congratulations go out to Steve in Illinois, the winner of our ZAGG Invisible Shield Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who joined our Palm webOS forums and took part in the contest. If you didn’t win, there are still plenty of chances to win a case of your choice in our Summer of Palm Cases Giveaway. Giveaway #1 is underway.

Zagg Invisible Shield for Palm Pre

Palm Pre over-clocked to 1.2GHz

That man unixpsycho is at it again, and this time has released his latest in ‘bleeding edge’ overclocking kernels, cranking the Pre up to a staggering 1.2GHz. Code named ‘SR71 Blackbird’, this new kernel also supports a new CPU temperature monitoring code, so if the CPU reaches 55°C the kernel will automatically scale down the speed of your device to 500MHz. At present, this latest experimental kernel only supports the ‘screenstate’ governor, meaning when the screen is off it’ll scale to the set minimum and with the screen on it’ll scale to the set maximum.

As with all testing/experimental/bleeding edge kernels, this is NOT for the faint hearted and should not be used on a device that you depend on on a daily basis, just in case something goes wrong and you require the use of a PC to doctor. Even more so with this particular kernel; this really is pushing the extreme limits of the OMAP 3430 chipset, and as this is in a very alpha stage of testing at the moment I would recommend that if you are new to over-clocking, to wait until this has been tested out by those brave enough. As unixpsycho says “DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF YOU LIKE YOUR PHONE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!’. So if you’re sitting comfortably, and accept the warnings given, then buckle up and prepare for some serious speed!

nb I strongly recommend you read and re-read the forum topic on the below link to understand what you are getting in to before you attempt installing this.

Source:  SR71 Blackbird | | Forums

Woz Carries Verizon Pre, Jobs Offers Praise for Palm

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the problem Apple has been having with the so-called death grip. Steve Wozniak, one of the original founders of Apple, said he was able to duplicate the problem. His solution, carry a Verizon Palm Pre Plus as a backup.

If you can afford it, carry a second Verizon phone for backup. Another option is to carry a Verizon mifi and rely on Skype on your iPhone. I have used this mifi technique to rescue my own, and others’, iPhones on occasion. If you buy a Verizon Palm Pre, you get free mifi on it so that is possible the best ‘compromise’ solution, to carry a Verizon Palm Pre along with your AT&T iPhone 4.

Today’s Apple press conference surrounding Antennagate saw none other than Steve Jobs offering up a compliment to Palm.

“And we’re pretty good at making software, we showed that in the iPod… other people are good at it too, like Palm, but we brought great software to the smartphone space.”

There you have it Palmaniacs. See, Apple’s not so bad.

via MobileCrunch and Engadget

App Review: Spell Well

If you’re looking for a great little time waster game, but something that can keep your brain working then you should check out Spell Well by Visc, Inc. In this simple game, you have to guess the correct spelling of a word out of a selection of four, with each level consisting of five sets of words. If you choose the wrong spelling of the word you’ll lose a chunk of time and have to start again at the beginning of the set of five. You also have a timer for each level, so the quicker you do it in, the greater your score. Obviously the higher the levels go, the harder the words get, and the more trickier the options are to choose from.  I personally just found it quite an interesting little game, and even though I thought I’m pretty hot on spelling, it caught me out on a good few occasions and made me realise how much I probably rely on spell check these days.

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