Palm Pixi Live From Fashion Week

Palm this week announced the forthcoming release of the second webOS device, the Palm Pixi, scheduled to arrive exclusively on Sprint Wireless sometime before the holidays. The new Palm Pixi will offer a series of back covers that feature unique artwork and help customers personalize their Pixi. Sure to attract the fashion conscious, Palm is displaying the new Pixi along with the various artist covers that will be available when the phone is released. We’ll be putting together our first impressions of the Palm Pixi, but in the meantime you can get a look at the Palm Pixi live from Fashion Week in our Palm Pixi Photo Gallery. Tall, slim and eye catching… perfect for Fashion Week.



More Sprint Treo 800w Photos Leak Coupled With July 13th Release Date

More photos of the upcoming Palm Treo 800w have found their way to the web. The latest images feature the Sprint logo, so do not expect the production model to differ much from these photos. Coupled with these photos is a rumored July 13th release date.

Sprint Treo 800w
Sprint Treo 800w


Originally rumored for July 22nd release, it now appears the Treo 800w will release on July 13th at $249.99. This price is with rebate and of course the standard two year agreement.

Treo 800w Specs

The following are the latest specifications we know of for the Treo 800w.

  • MSM-6800 chipset
  • ~100mb of Program / ~170mb of Storage Memory (both after OS)
  • WM 6.1 (5.2.1944)
  • ARM1136 processor
  • WiFi
  • Soft touch paint
  • Dedicated Wifi button + Ringer switch on top
  • Micro-USB connector
  • 2.1mp camera
  • No headphone jack (uses microUSB to 3.5mm adapter)
  • 1150mah battery
  • 320×320
  • GPS (network independent)
  • Palm Threaded SMS

The Palm Treo 800w will release on Verizon Wireless later this year.

Source: WMExperts

Treo 850 Photos Surface

New photos appeared this morning of the Palm Treo 850 and this device officially gives Palm enthusiasts a reason to get excited. Photos after the break.

Treo 850

Treo 850
Treo 850 stacked up against BlackBerry 8800

There doesn’t appear to be much information to come along with this new Palm device. The photo above shows the Palm Treo stacked up against a BlackBerry 8800. This new Treo is exactly what Palm has needed. As we get more details, we’ll pass them along.

via The Boy Genius Report

Treo 800w Photos Leaked

The Palm Treo 800w has long been rumored, but is this the first "leaked" image of the device.

The leak came courtesy of a forum member at TreoCentral who allegedly received the image from a Sprint solutions engineer. The Treo 800w has been mentioned as a Verizon Wireless release, so it’s possible that both carriers will release the unit when available. The image appears to have been pulled from a PowerPoint presentation and it’s speculated that the image has been stretched. The front of the Treo 800w appears to be a mix of the Treo 500 released in Europe and the Treo 750. If this is truly a photo of the Treo 800w, one must question why the screen shot doesn’t show Windows Mobile 6.

Treo 800w

Regardless of whether this is real or fake, you can expect Palm to make some sort of announcement regarding a new Windows based Treo smartphone at CES in January. With the next generation Linux Palm OS delayed until late 2008, Palm’s next generation form factor will most definitely arrive with Windows Mobile Professional. The big question remains the size of the device. If Palm is able to package the Treo 800w into a BlackBerry Curve style form-factor, it would certainly generate excitement in the Palm Treo community.

Treo 800w
Rumored Treo 800w looks to be mix of Treo 500 and Treo 750

Click to enlarge.

Source: TreoCentral