Verizon Might Not See Boost With Palm Pre

An interesting online research study was conducted by whereby they measured wireless customers who were shopping around for devices that were not available with their carrier. Those with 10 pageviews or more at competitive wireless carriers were dubbed “pre-churners”. The name has no direct correlation to the Pre, as a Verizon customer shopping for an iPhone 3GS could also be considered a pre-churner. Essentially, it’s a Verizon customer who is spending a significant amount of time on a competitive carrier websites and might switch based upon device.


The study found just 1.7 percent of Verizon pre-churners were interested in the Palm Pre, compared to 14.8 percernt who were interested in the iPhone 3GS. Of course, the Palm Pre is still a relatively new phone, so those numbers are bound to increase as there are more devices in market and there is a greater brand awareness of Palm’s new OS and phone. One must also consider that possibly these pre-churners might have concerns over Sprint’s network compared to AT&T’s network, thus a lower number of pre-churners surfing Sprint’s website.

Are you a Verizon customer anxiously waiting the Palm Pre? Did you make the switch or did you consider making the switch from Verizon to Sprint?

[via Wireless Week]