HP Manages Quietest Launch in webOS History With Pre 3

HP Pre 3

HP has released the Pre 3. You might not have known about it, since there were no press releases or fanfare outside of the huge HP event six months ago. The Pre 3 is apparently available for pre-order from Palm’s Euro Store and several third party retailers. From what we are hearing, Palm’s own store is lagging shipments, while third parties shipped out yesterday. In fact, it shouldn’t be much longer before we see a few Pre 3 unboxings on YouTube. That left most wondering when the US would see the Pre 3. HP reached out to responded to an inquiry from PreCentral, to let us know the following:

HP is excited to begin its regional rollout of Pre3, the only phone today that offers users a slide-out keyboard coupled with a large touchscreen and the fastest speed (1.4GHz processor – the fastest on the market). We expect to share additional information for U.S. customers soon.

No carrier announcements in the US. No reviews. Just a few users who paid full price at random third party retailers in Europe. If the plan was to keep the Pre 3 under the radar, then job well done.

You have to wonder if US carriers have agreed to carry the Pre 3 and what happens to webOS if they are no longer interested in the platform? The Pre 3 is looking more and more like the Pre 2. Yet another stopgap device with minimal marketing and minimal release plans. Last night’s report that Best Buy is having trouble selling the HP TouchPad just adds to the pain.

Source: PreCentral, Palm Euro Store

HP webOS Roadmap Details 64GB White TouchPad, Pre 3 This Fall

According to PreCentral, who have come across a leaked product briefing, there will be a new 64GB white HP TouchPad in August. This isn’t simply a color change combined with upgraded storage. This is rumored to have a dual core 1.5Hgz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, an upgrade over the processor found in the TouchPad released a mere 3 days ago.

Also on the TouchPad front is a model that supports AT&T’s 4G network (which really isn’t 4G, but we’ll go along with it). That model will be black glossy and have the same specs as the current 32GB model.

The smaller 7 inch TouchPad, codenamed Opal, will find it’s way into retails stores later this fall.

Finally, the HP Pre 3 is listed as coming this fall. HP has consistently said the HP Pre 3 would be coming this summer.

via PreCentral

HP TouchPad Release Date Official for July 1st, starts at $499

It’s official. The HP TouchPad will be available for purchase on July 1st. Prices start at $499 for the 16GB model and the 32GB will run $599. Both are WiFi only models. Pre-orders start beginning on June 19th. The release date is for US availability. Other countries including UK, Ireland, France and Germany will follow a few days later. The HP TouchPad release in Canada will be a mid-July.
HP TouchPad

A 3G model for AT&T will be available later this summer. Full press release available after the break.

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HP TouchPad QuickSpecs Leak, June 12th Launch Date?

An apparent document titled “QuickSpecs” has found it’s way to the Interwebs. While the document itself doesn’t offer any new product information, it does include a version date.

HP TouchPad QuickSpecs

Worldwide – Version 1.0 – June 12, 2011

Now HP likely put this information sheet together to begin sales to enterprise customers, which sounds logical. To us, we interpret this document to read, “The first HP TouchPad will be released worldwide on June 12th”.

Wishful thinking or could this really be happening in less than 2 weeks?

PreCentral via Worldwide Tech

HP Pre 3 World Phone Passes Through FCC

The GSM Pre 3 already passed through the FCC and now comes a CDMA + GSM variant, which paves the way for the release of a world phone capable Pre 3. FCC materials describe this as supporting CDMA + FCC. That of course narrows down the release of the HP 3 being on either Verizon, Sprint or both. Our gut says it’ll be an exclusive with one carrier. This is a tough spot for Palm. Verizon is clearly the larger carrier, but so many webOS enthusiasts are Sprint customers.
HP Pre 3 World Phone

Both the Pre 3 and Touchpad are scheduled for a summer release. Summer officially starts on June 21st.

via PreCentral

HP Veer Event Scheduled for May 2nd, AT&T Launch Soon After?

HP is hosting an event on May 2nd in Anaheim for Best Buy and AT&T employees. The event is online (see graphic below), so no surprises here that it’s all about the Veer. “Come see why small is the new big!” reads the tagline. One would presume that information about the launch would available on or around this date. While it’s perfectly normal to invite tech journalists to events without the promise of a release date, this is an entirely different event. Attendees are in sales, so it would be surprising if launch dates, pricing were not available.

HP Veer event

Are you planning on picking up the Veer or do you have your heart set on the Pre 3? Regardless of your preference, isn’t nice that we’re finally getting close to seeing a new webOS phone get released.

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Palm Pre 2 November 11th Release Date Rumor Smashed

A few weeks back, we reported on a rumor that the Palm Pre 2 would release on Verizon Wireless on November 11th. No better way to smash a rumor than to have the calendar move to November 11th without any new Palm devices on the shelves of our local Verizon Wireless store. PreCentral reported earlier this week Palm Pre 2 training is taking place, which is certainly a good sign. That original rumor also mentioned a slew of Android devices including the Droid Pro, so it’s partially correct, since pre-orders have started shipping for those devices. With an onslaught of Android devices, let’s hope that Verizon CSR’s do a better job pimping webOS to potential customers. Right now, Android phones like the Droid Pro have a bit of head start.

Palm Pre 2

As for when the Palm Pre 2 might hit shelves? Tough to say, but one would think sometime soon. We’ve yet to see a review of the production Palm Pre 2, which usually precedes any major launch. Stay tuned! It’s gotta be soon, no?

Palm Pre Plus on AT&T Launches May 16th

After much speculation and a rather long way since the announcement, we’ve got May 16th as an official release date for the Palm Pre Plus. The news comes via an internal equipment brief sent to Engadget. Where not sure if it’s on a separate slide, but there is no mention of the Palm Pixi Plus.


Also missing is the price of the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. Our recent poll suggests the Palm Pre Plus should be priced at $49.99, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a higher number initially. This will be the first time Palm will go head to head on a carrier against the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS is priced at $199.99 and the very capable iPhone 3G clocks in at $99.


Palm Pixi on Sprint Available on November 15th

Palm has announced that the Palm Pixi will be available on Sprint Wireless on November 15th. The diminutive Palm Pixi will be priced at $99.99 (with a 2-year agreement, after rebates). The Palm Pixi will be available at Sprint stores, Best Buy and select Walmart, Radio Shack (The Shack) locations.


For more information, check out our Palm Pixi preview.

Rumor Smashed: Palm Pixi Coming Later Than October 20th

Yesterday’s rumored October 20th release date for the Palm Pixi has been smashed. Engadget let us know that their sources, who would have insight into the phone’s launch, have said the date is not accurate. They say the Palm Pixi will be released well before the holidays.


We’re thinking the holiday shopping season starts officially on Black Friday, which is November 27th. Anyone want to wager on the first week or so of November for the Palm Pixi launch? For the sake of all things App Catalog, let’s hope that other rumor pans out today.

[via Engadget]