Gartner Study Shows 2009 A Transition Year for Palm

Last year was a bright year for Palm. They introduced a revolutionary new operating system and launched the first webOS device in June. Palm, not unlike Microsoft has done with Windows Phone Series 7, decided to cut ties with their old OS. Gartner has released a report that shows worldwide smartphone sales to end users based upon OS. With limited webOS device distribution, 2009 bears out some tough numbers, numbers that are surely to improve in 2010.


As noted, webOS accounts for 0.7% market share in 2009. Take into account that international roll-out didn’t occur until late in the year and Sprint was the exclusive (read: only) US carrier for 2009. With Verizon on board, an expected release on AT&T and even a rumored T-Mobile deal, 2010 should see a significant jump in the numbers. Palm has also increased the number of carrier partners internationally, which will also have a direct impact on market share for 2010.

With all the hype surrounding the Android OS, Google’s OS came in with just 3.9% market share, up from 0.5% in 2008. Symbian, RIM and iPhone OS led the way. Anyone venture to predict numbers for 2010?

Engadget via EverythingAndroid