Treo 800w USB and Battery Charging Update

Palm has released a software update for the Palm Treo 800w .

 The Treo 800w USB and battery charging software update is designed to address the following:


If your device fails to detect any of the in-box USB accessories such as the power adapter, headset or sync cable, this update will resolve most of the detection issues.

Battery charging

When plugged into the charger, the device may not charge a completely discharged battery. This scenario is most likely to happen if you leave a dead battery for a few days before trying to charge it in the device.

If the device will not turn on to install the update, you should “trickle charge” the battery by connecting your device to a PC via the USB sync cable. The device will charge slowly by using the PC’s power. When the device’s battery indicator shows 25% charged, you can proceed to install the update.

¬†Palm “highly recommends” installing this update. You download the free update directly from Palm .


Palm Centro Software Update for Sprint

Palm has released a Centro software update for Sprint customers only. The Sprint Centro software update 1.07 offers a variety of enhancements.

  • Improved Gmail IMAP compatibility and an updated setup wizard with the new Gmail settings
  • Updated compatibility for Google Mobile Maps My Location feature to approximate your current location great for directions, finding nearby restaurants or business, or checking local traffic.
  • Improved ongoing delivery of email sent to VersaMail accounts using Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology via Exchange ActiveSync
  • Bluetooth usability enhancements and updates
  • Sprint TV performance enhancements
  • Enhanced AOL Instant Messenger performance
  • Improved performance when adding a contact using Mobile Voice Control
  • Improved email attachment handling
  • Changed default camera shutter sound to ON. Audible shutter click will be heard when taking photos
  • Allows Preferred Roaming List updates over the air

The Centro Software Update for Sprint is available for download from Palm’s website.

via Palm Blog

Palm Releases Treo 755p Software Update for Verizon

Palm has released a software update for the Verizon branded Treo 755p. According to Palm, "This software update is a tune-up that improves the phone application, stability and device usability."

Do I Need This Update?

On your Treo 755p, press Phone . Then press Menu . From the Options menu, select Phone Info. Look for the Software item. If the version number is lower than 1.08 and the end of the string says VZW, you should install this update. This update is for the Treo 755p for Verizon owners only.

Treo 755p Software Update for Verizon

The update takes approximately 45 minutes. Mac users will need an expansion card and reader to perform the udpate. Users are encouraged to back up their data. For more information and to download the update, please visit Palm.

VersaMail Update Released for Palm Centro

Palm has announced the release of a VersaMail update that improves Gmail compatibility on the Palm Centro.

  • Enhancements to Gmail IMAP compatibility and an updated setup wizard with the new Gmail settings
  • Improvements to help eliminate the silent failure of email when using Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology via Exchange ActiveSync in VersaMail. Some users have reported that their email stops arriving, but they are not notified to press “Sync” to re-enable Direct Push Technology. This update helps eliminate the occurrence of this scenario.

The VersaMail update is available at Palm.

Source: Palm Blog via EverythingCentro

Palm Releases Update for Unlocked GSM Treo 680

Palm has released Unlocked GSM Treo 680 Update 1.12 offering a variety of enhancements.

  • Corporate email as it arrives Have your corporate email delivered to you with Microsoft Direct Push Technology. Accept or decline meeting invites and access your company directory on the go.
  • Power saving enhancements Helps conserve battery life with improved power management and updated default system power preferences.
  • Supports larger expansion cards Supports up to 4GB SD expansion cards (including the SDHC format), sold separately.
  • Enhanced ringtone support MP3 and other sound files purchased from the web or sent from friends can now be set as ringtones and alerts (formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI, WAV, and AMR).
  • Three updates in one This update incorporates three previously released software updates: Treo 680 Camera Update (January 2007), Treo 680 Security Patch (May 2007), and Treo 680 Unlocked GSM smartphone SMS Update (July 2007).

Of note, Windows Vista and Mac OS X users will need a blank SD/MMC expansion card and card reader to install the update.

The update is available as a free download from Palm.

Palm Releases Treo 700p Update for Verizon Wireless Customers

Palm has re-released the Verizon Treo 700p update 1.10. This update includes a fix to intermittent network connectivity problems that occured with the last release.

If you downloaded and ran this update prior to Sept. 18, 2007, re-download and re-run this update to install the connectivity fix.

This update offers a myriad of enchancements and fixes.

Product enhancements

  • Performance improvements to phone application
  • System improvements to minimize skipping during music playback and eliminate audio delays experienced on some games
  • Performance improvement to minimize delays experienced when loading Blazer browser
  • Support for new daylight savings time legislation, plus a simplified Date/Time preference panel
  • Increased expansion card support including 4GB SD cards and SDHC cards
  • Resolution of certain “wake up” issues that may occur with certain third party push email solutions
  • Improved handling of SMS messages to lessen stalling of messages.
  • For customers using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with SP 2 and above, an update to VersaMail client now includes an update to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which adds Microsofts Direct Push Technology for push email, calendar and contacts. Also adding other EAS functionality such as remote wipe, policy support, and global address lookup

Bluetooth wireless technology enhancements

  • Increases list of supported/compatible Bluetooth wireless carkits, including BMW and Toyota/Lexus (Denso)
  • Improves overall user experience with supported Bluetooth wireless carkits and headsets (e.g. allow user to manually connect / disconnect to a Bluetooth device)
  • Additional Bluetooth wireless functionality (e.g. audio routing to Bluetooth headset even when wired headset is plugged in)

The Verizon Treo 700p Update is available for download at Palm’s site. The update process is estimated at 30 minues.

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Vodafone Treo 750 Gets Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Palm has released an update for Palm Treo 750v/750 customers in the UK and Netherlands. The update installs Windows Mobile 6 and offers a variety of enhancements.

Palm is expected to release a similar upgrade for US Treo 750 owners on AT&T. No confirmation on when to expect this release.

This update provides:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • Update for Loss of System Sounds enhancement


  • Improved Calendar management with enhanced User Interface
  • Enhanced E-mail messaging, HTML/Smart Filtering, SharePoint access and more
  • Voice command via Bluetooth
  • USB cable charging

Vodafone customers can download the upgrade for free at Palm.

Palm Releases Sprint Treo 700wx Updater

Palm has released the Treo 700wx Updater 1.15 for Sprint smartphones.

Treo 700wx updater

On the Treo 700wx, this update features:

  • High-speed dial up networking (DUN) use your Treo smartphone as a wireless modem for fast web access virtually anywhere1. Supports USB and Bluetooth connections.
  • Advanced audio support (A2DP) enjoy your music in full stereo with new support for Bluetooth stereo headsets.
  • Hands-free enhancements Drive safely and work more efficiently. Get support for even more Bluetooth carkits and the Palm wired carkit.

The Palm Treo 700wx 1.15 Updater is available as a free download from Palm.

Palm Removes Verizon Treo Updates

Palm has removed software updates for both the Treo 700p and Treo 700w/wx smartphones from their site.

According to Palm, the updates were removed for the following reason:

We have taken down the Verizon Wireless Treo 700p and 700w/wx updaters as a result of increasing customer reports of network connectivity issues following the updates. We are currently investigating the issue and will re-post as soon as they become available.

The reported error displays “Error 3000 – Data network is not available” when attempting to connect to the data network. This error does not affect your device or personal data in any other way. Thank you for your patience.

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Palm Releases Treo 750 Audio Update

Palm has released a software update for the Palm Treo 750 that corrects an issue where the Treo enters a state where sounds are lost for phone calls and notifications.

The Audio Alerts Update will ensure that all system sounds on your device will remain audible for incoming calls, notifications, recordings (audio and video), and any device functionality that will access the audio driver. This software upgrade will allow the Treo 750 to maintain all application calls to the audio driver and therefore avoid the applications from entering the suspend state loop.