Mark Space Releases Update to The Missing Sync for Palm Pre

Mark/Space has released version 1.2 of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre. The new version now synchronizes notes and tasks between a webOS phone, such as Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, and a Windows PC or Mac computer. For those of you who run Windows, version 1.2 includes a built-in ringtone editor, a feature previously available in the Mac version only. The update is available for free if you currently own a license. The Missing Sync for Palm Pre retails for $39.95.


Verizon Palm Pre Plus Gets webOS Update

Exciting day for Palm yesterday and some good news for those of you who have the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon Wireless. Palm has released webOS for the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. The update process will happen OTA and you can manually check if it’s available by hitting the Update icon that looks like a present. Official changelog is available after the break. The most notable change appears to be the removal of the pesky double letter issue that affected so many of you.

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Palm Releases webOS 1.4 for Sprint, O2 UK, O2 DE, O2 Ireland, and Movistar

Last night (and we’re serious when we say night), Palm released webOS 1.4, available as an OTA (over the air) update. Palm expects the update will be available soon on other networks. Palm has provided details on what you can expect from webOS 1.4.

Wake up to webOS 1.4? Let us know how it’s working for you?

via Palm’s Blog

Rumor: webOS 1.4 To Hit February 15th

The official word from Palm was that webOS 1.4 would be available sometime in early February. According to a tipster at PreCentral, an email indicates webOS 1.4 will be available on February 15th. The email was sent to Sprint stores indicating upcoming software updates. This certainly looks promising for Sprint customers. We’re not sure if those of you on Verizon will receive the update on the same day.


The February 15th date isn’t set in stone, but this certainly looks promising. Anyone up for shooting videos on your webOS device?

Special Palmtastic Software Savings Event

Starting today, the Everything Treo Software Store is offering savings of up to 50% off 25 of the best selling Palm applications of all time during our Palmtastic Software Savings Event. You can save up to $20 on some applications. This special promotion includes top sellers such as:

  • Ringo Pro: $29.95 $14.98 Bring your Treo alive with MP3 ringtones.
  • TouchLauncher: $6.99 $3.50 Turn your Treo into an iTreo
  • CallRec: $19.99 $10.00 Record important phone calls
  • VolumeCare Pro: $19.95 $9.98 Boost the volume of your callers
  • PDANet: $34.00 $17.00 Use your Treo as a wireless modem and connect your PC to the Internet via your Treo
  • TAKEphONE: $19.95 $9.98 Find/Call/Edit contacts fast and easy
  • Softick Audio Gateway: $19.95 $9.98 Adds A2DP support allowing you to utilize Bluetooth Stereo headphones on your Treo
  • Phone Technician: $14.95 $7.48 Take control of your Treo with MP3 ringtones, ecalating ringtones and more
  • RingCare: $24.95 $4.98 A complete ringtone management solution that allows you to use MP3 ringtones for incoming calls, text messages and voicemail
  • UltimatePhone: $9.95 $4.98 A one of kind application that provides a gateway to web 2.0. UltimatePhone takes your Treo’s features and makes them better.
  • Kinoma Player 4 EX: $24.99 $12.50 The premier media player for the Palm OS. 

This is just a sampling of what’s available in our Palmtastic Software Savings Event. Hurry though, this event ends on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at midnight PST.


Everything Treo Mobile Heist

This week only we are pleased to announce the first Everything Treo “Mobile Heist”, an unprecedented software sales event featuring
25 top selling Palm Treo and Centro software titles are all priced at just $9.95.

Treo software sale

You can save up to 65% this week only. Here are just a few of the popular titles included in the Mobile Heist.

  • Butler: Highly rated and regarded by Treo owners, Butler offers 7 sets of utilities for the price of one.
  • Palmary Clock: The most stylish alarm clock offered for the Treo, Palmary Clock offers a great number of skins to suit your style.
  • UltimatePhone: Provides a Web 2.0 experience on your Palm Treo.

There are 25 Top Titles available. Check them out today before it’s too late. The Everything Treo Mobile Heist ends on August 17th.

Palm Centro Software Update for Sprint

Palm has released a Centro software update for Sprint customers only. The Sprint Centro software update 1.07 offers a variety of enhancements.

  • Improved Gmail IMAP compatibility and an updated setup wizard with the new Gmail settings
  • Updated compatibility for Google Mobile Maps My Location feature to approximate your current location great for directions, finding nearby restaurants or business, or checking local traffic.
  • Improved ongoing delivery of email sent to VersaMail accounts using Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology via Exchange ActiveSync
  • Bluetooth usability enhancements and updates
  • Sprint TV performance enhancements
  • Enhanced AOL Instant Messenger performance
  • Improved performance when adding a contact using Mobile Voice Control
  • Improved email attachment handling
  • Changed default camera shutter sound to ON. Audible shutter click will be heard when taking photos
  • Allows Preferred Roaming List updates over the air

The Centro Software Update for Sprint is available for download from Palm’s website.

via Palm Blog

Free Propel Launcher for Palm OS

Propel for Palm OS Standard Edition is an excellent launcher for your Palm Treo smartphone, offering convenient and fast access to applications on your Palm Treo. This popular application normally sells for $14.95 but for two days only, this Thursday and Friday, June 19th and 20th were going to give away a free copy with any purchase over $4.99 in the Everything Treo Software Store. Add Propel Launcher to your shopping cart then add other items totaling $4.99. At checkout, enter the coupon code PropelFree.

CallRec Free With $5 Software Purchase

For today only, the Everything Treo Software Store are offering CallRec for free with any software purchase over $5. CallRec (valued at $19.95) is the premier voice recording application for Treo and Palm Centro smartphones. This simple-to-use application allows you to record your telephone conversation and voice memos with ease by simply pressing the Treo side key. Or, you can set option to automatically record all your phone calls. Use coupon code CALLRECFREE to take advantage of this offer. Offer valid today only.

With adjustable recording sample rate you can make optimal balance between sound quality and file size. Once activated, the program allows you to commence recording before or during any incoming or outgoing call with a single click. Furthermore, you can configure CallRec to automatically record all your incoming and/or outgoing calls. Share your recording and send your files by IR, Bluetooth or e-mail.












  • Adjustable one button recording. Chose to start/stop recording by single on double press on the side button, or use the combination of side button and shift or option key. Also you can start recording from application
  • Adjustable recording sample rate. Chose recording sample rate and make optimal balance between sound quality and file size.
  • File compression.
  • Direct saving to the SD card. Dont worry about free space on the main memory, CallRec save files directly to the SD card.
  • Playback recorded files. Play, stop, pause and fast forward recorded files on easy and intuitive way.
  • Organize files into categories.
  • Select and delete multiple files at once, or delete foles older than x days.
  • Completely support 5-way navigation buttons. Any operation can be made by 5-way navigation buttons.
  • Sort recordings by file name, duration or recording time.
  • Share your recording with others by IR port, Bluetooth or e-mail.
  • Automatically record all your incoming and/or outgoing calls.
  • Transfer your recordings to PC with CallRec Conduit.
  • Categories. Organize your recordings into categories on the SD card.
  • Auto repeat playback. Repeat one/all recordings playback.

What is New in version 5.2:

  • More configurable file naming option.
  • Separate categories for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Option to display recording duration or time.
  • Improved name matching procedure.