No Sprint 4G webOS Device Coming This Year?

Clearwire (owned mostly by Sprint) just reported profits and normally you don’t get much information on new phones, but that’s not the case this time around. According to Reuters (via @saschasegan), “The company also promised to sell two high-speed phones by the end of the year with one device from Samsung Electronics and another from HTC Corp.” Now it’s entirely feasible that they felt comfortable pre-announcing these two phones and Palm could slip in a 4G phone this year, but we’re thinking that’s not likely.

Is 4G going to be a niche market this year or were you hoping, dreaming of a 4G webOS device? If the  C40 isn’t a 4G compatible device, then what exactly is this mysterious device?

Pink Palm Pixi Coming To Sprint?

A Pink Palm Pixi is showing up in Sprint’s inventory system, barely a few months after the initial release. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so this might be a paint job aimed at boosting sales in mid-February. Forget about that box of candy or flowers, if your better-half has her heart set on a Pink Palm Pixi.


Nothing official yet from Palm, but we certainly expect a bevy of announcements starting Thursday at CES. We’ll be covering the event live, so be sure to check back often.

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Palm Pixi Ad Touts WiFi Capability

In preperation for their holiday promotions, Sprint has created a holiday website promoting the various new phones in their lineup. The Palm Pixi, scheduled for release on November 15th, is among the phones offered by Sprint. It appears someone must have been guilty of some copy & paste from the Palm Pre’s product description, with the description showing the Palm Pixi as WiFi capable. For the record, the Palm Pixi does not feature WiFi.


In any event, you can check out the Palm Pixi in Sprint’s new holiday promotion site. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to purchase the Pixi for just $99.

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Palm Hosting Twitter Q&A on Palm Pixi Today

Do you have questions about Palm’s upcoming Pixi? If so, head on over to Twitter today. Starting at 11:30 PST, Phil McClendon, Director of Product Marketing for Palm,  will be fielding questions. To ask a question, tweet your question to @palm. You can follow all the questions and answers by searching the hash tag #pixi.

You can also check out our Palm Pixi preview and look for our comprehensive review of the Palm Pixi in the coming weeks.

Palm ‘Pixe’ Passing Through FCC

In preperation for the November 15th release, Palm’s Pixi appears to be making the rounds through the FCC approval process. This is normal for any shipping phone in the US and we don’t imagine there will be any obstacles to the November 15th release. Oddly enough, the Pixi is listed as the Palm Pixe, but odds are it’s the Pixi we’ve seen before.


If you’re the type to pour over FCC documentation, it’s all for the taking. Those awaiting the actual device will need $99.99 and a few weeks of patience.

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Palm Pixi on Sprint Available on November 15th

Palm has announced that the Palm Pixi will be available on Sprint Wireless on November 15th. The diminutive Palm Pixi will be priced at $99.99 (with a 2-year agreement, after rebates). The Palm Pixi will be available at Sprint stores, Best Buy and select Walmart, Radio Shack (The Shack) locations.


For more information, check out our Palm Pixi preview.

Rumor: Palm Pixi Launching on October 20th

Palm and Sprint in their midnight announcement of the Palm Pixi let us know that the device would be available in time for the holidays. According to BGR, the launch date is set for October 20th, which would be a Tuesday. No word yet on pricing from either official or unofficial sources.


With prices dropping on the Palm Pre, one has to wonder where the entry-level webOS device will be slotted from a price perspective. If the device does drop on October 20th, perhaps that means Pre owners will get the native Facebook app along with a few new Synergy options. Check out our Palm Pixi Hands-On Preview or the abundance of eye candy that is our Palm Pixi Photo Gallery for more information.

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Sprint Introduces Any Mobile, Anytime

Sprint yesterday introduced a new addition to customers who have an Everything Data Plan, likely most, if not all Palm Pre owners. Regardless of what everything plan you have, you also receive free unlimited mobile to mobile calling. We’re not just talking Sprint mobile to Sprint mobile. The new and we should note free add-on to everything plans allows Sprint customers to call any mobile, any carrier and not have it count against your bucket of minutes.


For example, let’s say you have a 450 minute everything plan, priced at $69.99. Any calls made to mobile phone (within the US) do not count towards your bucket of minutes. Think of your minutes as “landline minutes”.

This new add-on further encourages Palm Pre and soon-to-be Palm Pixi owners to take advantage of all the features of their phone and not be as concerned about overage charges.

Sprint has taken an already competitive plan and added to it….at no charge.

Sprint Offering $50 Cash Back?

Sprint has just announced that customers who purchased the Palm Pre within the last 30 days “may be able to receive a price match adjustment.” Comments at Sprint’s corporate blog indicate that retailers and even Sprint telesales are not aware of this cash back offer. We’re guessing this was put into place to avoid new customers from returning their Palm Pre phones and then purchasing them over again at today’s new price of $149.99. It could be to reduce any brushback from customers who paid $199.99 within the past 30 days only to see the price of the phone dropped by $50. We’re betting on the former, as most understand that prices on phones do change.


In any event, print out a copy of this blog post and head to the retailer where you purchased your Pre  – this can be Sprint retail stores, Best Buy or Radio Shack. Just be aware that even the blog post says “may be able to receive a price adjustment”. That doesn’t sound very convincing, but we’re hoping for the best.

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Palm Cuts Price on Pre

After the on again, off again Sprint $100 credit offer yesterday, we’re pleased to provide you with word from Palm that the Palm Pre is now available for $149.99 (with a 2-year agreement after mail-in rebate).  Those looking to purchase the Palm Pre will now save $50 from the launch price.


This offer is available nationwide at Sprint retail locations, telesales and Sprint’s website. Of course, now you have to ask the question. Do you get the Palm Pre or wait for the Palm Pixi?